Married Wolves Give The Best Fucks

…the best “no fucks”,
that is.
i’m starting to think “marriage” is a waste of time.
folks go up to an altar,
take vows,
and ride off into the sunset to carry on affairs.
they paid all that money on a wedding to act like they’re still single.
my home vixen,
recently learned that with one of her coworkers…
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I Can’t Feel My Winky or Wipe My Own Ass Anymore

karaoke and i usually have the most intense conversations.
that is what i love.
good animals and good talk.
we get into a subject that would open up for an interesting debate today.
the topic was about the future and relationships.
of course.
she said something that made me stop what i was doing.
she said…
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The World Won’t End After You Walk Away you have good animals in your life,
you should always cherish them no matter what.
so i have this “thing”.
it’s not a good thing,
but i guess it came with the territory.
once someone does me wrong,
and i leave their ass,
they will suffer without me in their life.
it’s mostly done out of anger and hurt.
in some cases,
they do,
but you aren’t suppose to say it out loud.
karaoke always calls me out on it because it isn’t right/nice.
i’ve done it a lot.
so i did it today as i’m trying to find a new job.
this was the conversation
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I Only Pick Pretty Flowers In The Garden

we are all picky.
everyone says:

“looks shouldn’t matter”

…is lying like shit.
well i’m not about to speak for everyone.
looks matter to me.
the wolves i’m attracted to matter to me.

i don’t want to roll over in the middle of the night and be terrified.
i also don’t wan’t to settle because i’m “lonely”.
those who persuade you to settle are trying to fuck you.
am i wrong?
i was having a chat with karaoke today and i said…
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