Apps For The “This Pineapple Trippin” Escape Plan

it’s not what your cell phone is,
it’s what you use it for.
i love my iphone,
but if you have a android,
then you should love that muthafucka.
so yesterday,
we ( x talked about that attentionista ) who was allegedly stranded in oregon.
she was a whole dumb ass,
but it really reinforced that being in the foxhole breeds a completely different animal.
listen i’m all for being ratchet,
but be ratchet and not a whole dumb ass.
so i mentioned in the entry the apps i have on my phone.
since i don’t have a car,
these apps are great for big cities with transit.
they are even better when you’re in a forest you ain’t never been before.
my “this pineapple trippin” escape plan apps.
i decided to break down my uses for them for foxhole review
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When Your Pussy Can’t Get You A Baller Wolf To Round Trip You Home

let’s have a life conversation real quick.
everyone meet ( x realnoelbianca ) up above.
she is a ig attentionista.
her role model is kim kardashian.
say no more.
so she went out to oregon on a one way ticket to allegedly fuck…
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Tremaine Will Put The Paws On You Over His Angels

tremaine is about that life.
he has a few mug shots to prove it.
he is also about his fan base,
the “angels”,
lives as well.
at his album release party @ the highline ballroom in new yawk,
some male hyenas were pushing the “angels” out the way.
they wanted to be up close and personal to see tremaine.
there is something wrong with that entire sentence.
well some alleged beef went down and then this happened
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