Remember When We Smashed Ontop That Isuzu Truck?

Does anyone remember this video?


Who doesn’t remember that video?
I got many a great nutz off to that foXXX back in the day.

Sexy ass Wolf.
Scorpion tattoo… ON HIS DICK (you already know how I feel about Scorpios)
Fucking a Fox on top of an Isuzu truck. 

Well, rumors were saying he died.
Some were saying jail.
I even heard some saying a mental institution.
Due to some trusty Fox field work,
I found him…

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Jamari Fox’s Guide To Being The Perfect Non-Groupie

So Orlando was WEAK.


(how terrible was that Slam Dunk contest?)

Too many players and not enough hoes.
Better yet, not enough known players which equaled no hoes.
They heard the word “Orlando” and thought Mickey and Minni Mouse.
But, I’ll be honest, I would have been down there.
Even if I got me a rookie or even a draftee, I would be satisfied.
I swear, I have to teach people how to do what to do.

Peep it…

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Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Hollywood is a scary place.
It is also a very dirty place.
You seriously are going into another dimension once you cross those ropes.
Trust me when I say you would look at some of these people differently once you get backstage.
I feel for people who try and chase for stardom.
You have to have METAL skin to go through Hollywood and not be affected.

That being said,
what do you think of this?

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