Sade’s Son Welcomes A Mustache Into The World

sade4-600x450so that is sade’s daughter on the right.
sade is now welcoming a son into the world.
well sade’s daughter on the right is now her son.
mickailia “ila” adu has transitioned into a wolf.
this is him with a mustache
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Jazmine Sullivan Pays Her Respects To Her Crush Who Passed Away

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-22-27-pmwhat ^a fitting outfit for someone trying to escape a dragging.
jazmine sullivan is known for her vocals,

but now she will be known for her lack of tact.
so gospel artist,
thomas “tc” klay passed away over the weekend.
jazmine decided to post a “heartfelt” message about him…
and ended getting that ass dragged.
a vix-bi sent me what she allegedly posted to her facebook before deleting…
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“You Might Beez Dead, But I Needz To Get Paidz.” – she said.

ctsn4bxwiaaqpoaso the results of how shawty lo died were released.
it lists everything about the crash scene as well.
it also revealed what the two passengers in the car did to shawty lo as well.
this shit is so sad via ajc
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Mary J. Blige’s “Good Broke Dick” Is In Her Bank Accounts


this is why…
i’m always with dating/marrying up.
when you start giving just anyone a chance,
and your finances is together,
is when all hell can break loose letting trash in your life.
you see these broke attentionistos fuckin’ the brains out their prey.
mary j. blige must regret letting this trash named martin “kendu” issacs in her life.
we tried to tell her.
well kendu wants spousal support every month from mary.
guess how much he allegedly wants?…
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