Injecting Oil In Your Muscles Is The New IG Filter

valdir-as-a-child^that is valdir segato as a cub.
the wolf this following story a f-bi sent me is all about.
so there is something i suspect that all the work out warriors suffer with.
now not all of them,
but if you really put two and two together
all this random working out they do in disguise as being fit.
“i just want to look better naked” memes but single af.
the gym is literally making them their bitch.
well their symptoms may stem from “body dysmorphic disorder”.
it’s basically seeing perceived flaws on your bawdy,
and even going to extremes to improve your bawdy,
even though nothing is wrong with you.
that is where valdir segato comes in.
he has gone as far as injecting oil into his bawdy for bigger muscles.
check this out via the mirror
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The Murder-Suicide on Pebble Creek Drive: The Jermaine Roby Story

tmp_14048-screenshot_2016-12-02-00-58-17-742892185so i know what you’re thinking:


well don’t get too excited.
he is dead.
he is also an alleged jackal according to the news.
his name is jermaine roby and he was allegedly involved in a murder-suicide.
this one is a little heavy.
a f-bi sent me the story via gwinnett daily post
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The Rapper Wolf Does The “Doggystyle” Mannequin Challenge

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-3-06-48-pmi have never heard of blac youngsta.
maybe you have?
well he is signed to yo gotti’s label,
judging from his ig,
he has a lot of money.
i’m sure he is a trust fund baby of sorts.
he also likes giving us examples on how he hits it from the back.
on a male mannequin in a store.
i’m serious via worldstarhiphop
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Jennifer Boyle Sings The Blues

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-14-37-pm i love when the jackals and hyenas show their ass,
but end up being assed out in the process.
it goes to show karma is very real.
so remember this ( x she snow hyena from this entry )?
she was the trump supporter acting belligerent over a shopping bag.
she claims she was discriminated against by black vixens who worked at the store.
well looks like she has been found!
this is an update
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