If You Don’t Have “Boobs” or a “Caitlyn Jenner” then Forget It

tumblr_n92xsl21W61rpqnfno1_500 if she can pass,
then i can get the ass.
-said almost every baller wolf ever.

so it seems industry on blast has been doing some snooping.
comment creepin on ig.
our absolutely favorite.
you know what you can discover in pictures from 149w ago?
full blown conversations,
dm exchanges,
and even a little “pre game” sexting.
oh yeaaaahhhhhhh.
things pop off in old IG photos.
ive sniffed out a lot of dirt in them.

well allegedly,
some baller wolves have gotten caught up with this trans vixen in her old photos…

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Find Your “Purpose”?

justin-bieber-purpose-cover-2_rume6gnow i don’t own any of justin bieber’s music,
because i’m not a fan of his vocals,
but i hear he a whole new music artist.
he tellin’ ya’ll to love yourselves and find your “purpose”.
i hear his music has gotten better and breakin’ records too.
is this true?
any of the foxhole cop the album for a review?
i’m scared to say i’m tempted to take a listen.

lowkey: i feel like chris brown needs to try this route.
take #teambreezy on a musical therapy session.

He Wants To “Beat It Up” and “Swallow Me Down”

CU1V7uzUEAEajR6so chris brown dropped a “beyonce” on us.
everyone thought he was dropping his album,
but he decided to do something different.
he dropped a mixtape called,
“before the party”.
it is packed with 34 songs.
look at the titles…
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Don’t Get Jacked on “Jack’d” (The Irony?)

find “him” now all right.
“him” being a violent jackal out for blood and that wallet.
an f-bi wanted to update the foxhole on another hook up app story.
this time its on “jack‘d”.
the irony.
the story was found via atlanta q journal
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