You Just Had One Job, Tremaine Aldon Neverson! Just One!

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-20-13-pmhe was doing so well too.
my drawz was ready for his collection.
so tremaine aldon neverson aka trey songz is caping for an alleged rapist.
if you didn’t know,
nate parker was accused of allegedly raping a vixen back in his college days.
the vixen ended up committing suicide allegedly because of it.
( x read all about and more here )
well trey must have got turned out when he went to see nate’s upcoming movie,
“birth of a nation”.
the one many are protesting due to the allegations.
well trey took to his instagram and said this with ^that picture as the backdrop via the shade room
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Well… At Least Mary Ain’t Singing About Food This Time!

tumblr_nb6ybvkqj51r0djllo1_500before i start,
i have to say that i love mary’s glasses.
so mary j blige moved past that burger king commercial.
you remember that fiasco,

it made for some amazing memes and parody videos.
well mary could be back for a second round of roasting.
she did this interview special for apple music with hillary clinton.
very random.
she decided to sing a song about police brutality to hillary and well…
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So I Watched The Presidential Debate Last Night And…


…i think we are pretty much in the shit hole.
i guess,
out the two,
hillary is a better match.
…i guess?
trump went up there and showed us why he shouldn’t be president.
if he wins,
i can just assume destruction for us all.

lowkey: 80 million of us watched.
highest ratings in tv history.

i’m sure half of that was cringing.

When You Try To Rob Luke Cage (and a Ton of Surprises Unfold)


nothing better than a surprise.
whether it’s a package,
a promotion,
or a sexy wolf behind a jack’d profile.
nothing beats a surprise.
these robber jackals were in for a good surprise as well.
they ordered a pizza in hopes of robbing who was delivering the pizza.
what they got was even better.
an f-bi sent me this story via the washington post
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