Karrueche Gets Some Sense ( You Can’t Trust Dese Hoes )

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.33.20 PMsomeone give karrueche a round of applause.
she finally woke up and smelled the “absolute disrespect”.
i think.
you know she falls back to the okey doke weeks later.
well i think she finally gave chris brown the peace sign emoji.
team breezy might be next.
the thing that bothered me about this whole story tho…
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I’d Like To Work (With) Sage The Gemini

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.51.46 PMone of my f-bi sent me this and i thought it was nice.
well ^that looks is nice,
but thats besides the point.
i like when celebs hire regular people to work with them.
gives us hope out here.
dominic woods aka sage the gemini hired a personal assistant.
this is what he said on his instagram
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Did Malik Yoba Word Vomit Jussie Smollett’s Sexuality?

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 5.35.27 PMi think ive decided jamal from “empire” could get all this jelly.
he ain’t ready.
ya know…
i just realized he is jurnee’s brother.
“smollett” was the first clue.
don’t judge me.
so in a recent interview by “black film”,
malik yoba may have allegedly outed his co star on “empire”,
jussie smollett.
this is what he said…
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How To Have Your Weave Fall Out During A Concert

tumblr_mb457r6xyQ1qcn6xro1_500^thats her checking to see if its all there.
so one of the f-bi sent me this video of britney in her vegas concert.
her weave was also a supporting star.
too bad it didn’t find much support on her head
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Chris Brown Gets “No Entry”

tumblr_nk9c6cPrCM1rirxvyo1_1280see what i did there with the title and the picture?
*insert devil emoji*
its been a week of all “chris brown” ‘rything.
its been great for my line of business.
anyway it looks like all of the canadian foxhole will miss out.
chris has been denied entry up north.
this is what he tweeted before deleted
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Don’t Ask Chris Brown About Nothing

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.28.30 PM….um.
doesn’t chris mention them tho?
i’m just asking.
yeah he needs a publicist high key.
he buys all these cars and payin’ kae bills…
but no representation.
i’m confused.
someone call usher mama services” for this wolf PLEASE!

credited: twitter