So This Is The Reason To Watch Drumline 2? (Jordan Calloway)

tumblr_ne54mdJWz51qbj5iio1_1280…*looks for remote*
so i didn’t even know “drumline 2″ came on yesterday.

judging from the stellar reviews,
it was a hit!
from what the forests been saying,
everyone is talking about one of the actors by the name of jordan calloway.
well i can see why…
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So Spanky Hayes Lied About Tyrese and His Big Mouth?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.05.50 PMshots fired!
in other “where are you going with this?” news,
spanky hayes explains why he did what he did.
you know him and tyrese got into ( x a little spat ) the other day,
well he even made a response video to the response video:

well spanky did allllllllll this…
to admit today he did it for shock value and attention.
he had a radio interview with and well…
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Chris Brown’s Transgendered House Jackal Speaks!

chris-brown-instagramwell damn!
november 3rd came quick!
shit i done missed halloween
the transgendered she jackal by the name of shauna brooks,
who supposedly did “something” with chris brown,
sped up the date to talk about what happened that night at his crib.
you know ( x the one ) i’m talking about…
you better pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
this is what went down
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Tyler Lepley Is More Than “The Cute Dumb Jock”

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.36.47 PMso i literally thought about tyler lepley yesterday.
don’t know why,
but he crossed my mind.
well it may have just been a foreshadow.
one of my foxholers alerted me that he had an interview with mr. butt cheeks,
jacob kohinoor,
for krave tv.
tyler spoke about how he got into acting,
what to expect for the next season of “haves and have nots”,
future career goals,
and even plastic surgery.
he even dropped some life gems i needed to hear as well..
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So I Heard Rihanna Shut Down Lenox Mall Today…

B00tO5BIYAATSd7see i like this.
so i’m pretty much in the rihanna navy.
i don’t do stan wars tho.
i just drive the get away car.
when i’m down,
i listen to her music.
i’ve been bumpin’ “rated r” and “loud” these last few days.
her music and all around vibe tends to make you have not 1 fuck 2 give.
rihanna went to atl do an event for her new perfume,
“rogue man”,
at macys today in the lenox mall.
i love how she interacts with her fans
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Time To Change My Eye Color To “Ghastly Grey”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.28.51 PM ass shots are out!
new eyes are in!
contacts are out!
surgery is in!
it seems like everyone will be running to change their eye color.
will you?
well tiny,
t.i. lovely wife,
got her eyes re-done after much speculating.
this is her new eye color,
along with what she said on instagram

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Spanky Hayes Is Going To Spank Tyrese

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.19.01 PMwell spanky is really going hard with this,
ain’t he?
so remember he had a lot to say about a few people,
including tyrese?

you know…
about tyrese allegedly having to ( x get on his knees ) to be in baby boy.
well after tyrese dropped his response video on facebook,
spanky dropped his response video to the response video on instagram
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Chris Brown Starring In “Givers or Takers” With A Transgendered She-Jackal?

i needed a minute after this one.
as i always like to throw out there,
chris brown had relations with a transgender she-jackal at his house in virginia.
of course she is kissing and telling…
on november 3rd.
save the date!
so this is what she-jackal looks like…
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Has Teairra Mari Fallen Off? (Don’t Answer That)

Ray-J-Whine-1413844196that was the look on my face.
i’ll get into why i was looking like that.
anyway so i stopped watching “love and hiphop: hollywood”.
i saw the second episode and was bored.
have we confirmed if that one chick is a transexual?
as you can see from my <—- #nowwatching,
i traded that show in for “gotham”.
one of my vixen buddies hit me up today about the mess that is teairra mari.
she performed on the show last night and well…
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