So Bruce Jenner Is Turning Into “Brenda Jenner”?

640_bruce_jenner_long_hairso i guess the rumors are true?
i mean bruce has rocking a full length wig these days.
plus his french manicures have been on fleek.
according to people,
and tmz,
and the world,
bruce jenner is transitioning into being a “over 60 and fabulous” vixen…
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Its Not “Daddy Trey!” Anymore; Its “Say Uncle… Trey!”

tumblr_nii1798bfK1qa7k60o1_500tumblr_nii1798bfK1qa7k60o2_500tumblr_nii1798bfK1qa7k60o3_500“hi tremaine…”
*waves hard*
ugh okay fine!
serious post!

you know i like to see tremaine being “trey songz”.
well tremaine is now an uncle.
his bruvaah,
and part time nude sender,
forrest tucker and that snow bunny had their cub…
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So Michael B Jordan and This Alleged Pipe of His…

michael+b+jordan+shirtlesswell its good to be back in the foxhole once again.
who broke my “devin thomas” limited edition print picture?
anyway while i was gone,
i got a lot of messages about michael b jordan,
one of my fav black actor wolves,
with some peen leakage for review.
now you know this is about to be full tilt 18^,
and “not for straight eyes even know i know you nosy anyway”

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Is Our Little August “September”Alsina Dating?

tumblr_n3dtdzWfRL1qgfdy4o1_1280so you know i love august alsina?
my ratchet wolf who can carry a tune.
well he seems to be dating someone now.
i already know who you THINK it is,
but ima need you to have some manners!
no its not THAT person he fell out with.
anyway this vixen put this up and it has the forest talking
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Kevin McCall: The Ultimate Baby Favaah Drama?

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.53.27 AMi’m confused with kevin mccall.
he had a lot of promise and now…
not so much.
so as you know,
he is eva marcille from “america next top model” baby favaah.
of course they brought a cub in this world to pineapple drama.
well he decided to record himself talking to her on his phone and…
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TLC Is Begging For Money

TLC-04-25-12first of all i love and respect tlc,
but i hate that tlc is going out like this.

so they want fans to fund their final album.
they feel like going independent will let them be more in control.
this is what they said on the kickstarter website
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