Face Off At The Tyra School of Smize: Keith Carlos vs Tyson Beckford?

tyvskeithcalm down wolves!
foxi j hasn’t had his breakfast yet.
okay so if you didn’t know,
tyson beckford and keith carlos were born on the same day.
that day being today.
dec 19th.
keith has always acknowledged that he and ty ty were birthday twins.
well when keith went to go wish tyson a happy birthday today,
i guess he got this
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Don’t Mess With North Korea

tumblr_ngqxjfbL181qzx3jto1_1280i think they you mean “FAIL”.
so i been seeing commercials for this movie called “the interview”.
it starred seth rogan and james franco.
sony pictures is the studio behind the movie.
the plot was those two doofuses going to kill kim jong-un,
the leader of north korea.
i instantly thought the film was a very bad idea.
very bad.
last month,
sony hq’s private emails ironically got hacked revealing EVERYTHING.
directors were talkin’ shit about angelina jolie,
kevin hart,
and a host of others.
very ironic.
well if you were planning on seeing “the interview” on christmas day,
it looks like you better go see something else
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Sam Smith’s Dating Stock Just Went Up

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.13.11 PMi am holding out hope that once i make it,
i can date all the sexy (baller) wolves that i fantasized about.
i mean whats the point of reaching success if you won’t?
at least get some pipe as you’re hot.
well after being nominated for 6 grammys this year,
 sam smith is fresh on his way to “made it” level.
the pipe is now starting to come in abundance.
yes jesus!
well according to the fox wire,
he met someone on the set of his “like i can” video.
everyone meet the alleged snow wolf…
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So Drake Helps Fan Who Was Contemplating Suicide?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.54.12 PMhow funny…
i started typing this and k michelle’s “drake would love me” came on.
i believe drake has a good heart.
you can tell he was raised good.
one of his fans posted a heartfelt comment about how they wanted to give up.
this is what he allegedly said…
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Scrappy Brings The Thickness

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.22.05 PMso rapper wolf scrappy,
from #lhhatl fame and other things,
is coming out with a new album “merlo’s way”.

i know.
well he took some pics for the perfect album cover.
here is my favorite shot…
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Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone

tumblr_m69nenZACd1qbom0uo1_1280you’ll be surprised what wolf would date you.
sometimes what they say they want isn’t what they end up with.
this is how i felt when k michelle admitted today she was dating idris elba.
8 months!
i was personally trying to figure out how she got him to direct that vh-1 special.
well it was time for her to cum clean.
she spilled all the beans on the breakfast club this morning…
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Um, Don’t Die On Us Cam Newton

Cam+Newton+ESPN+Magazine+NEXT+Event+kEneFPXnpeUlso baller wolf cam newton had a rough day.
i’m sure it may have went something like this:

ran out of toilet paper
get dressed to go to supermarket
try not to get in car accident

well he ended up getting into a serious car accident earlier today.
even after nearly being killed,
he still managed to have a big koolaid smile on his face…
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So Yung Berg Likes Alleged “Dark Butts” After All or Nah?

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.04.43 PMyung berg takes weird pictures on instagram.
thats just a side bar.
his “i don’t like dark butts” foolishness may come back to bite him.
…right in his ass.
or someone else ass?
who knows anymore.
so an f-bi sent me the alleged teenager he was with…
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“All I Want For Christmas” is For Trey Songz… To Never Sing That Song.

tumblr_n5c6i3NTne1qbw767o1_500oh trey…
sadly is that is my facial expression right now.
i’m sure this is one of the gayest things i’ll ever admit,
as ive said some pretty gay things,
but i really love mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas is you”.
yes i will admit it.
i love that song.
it instantly puts me in a good mood.
i always dreamed of a christmas morning as that song is playing.
wolf of my future take note.
well one of my readers sent me trey songz remake to the song and well…
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