The Moose Has Left To Go Back To The Forest

NeNe-Leakes-Works-the-camera-0107-1welp its done.
the moose has returned back to her natural habitat.
nene leakes has left her forest of “the real housewives of atlanta”.
an f-bi was hunting and saw her strolling back into the forest.
this is what she told people magazine about her exit…
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I’m The “Rihanna” Type of Friend

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.36.54 PMthis is why i love rihanna.
she is “that friend” to have to get you together.
well her friend,
lee lee,
decided to get drunk and act a fool in the streets after the 2015 bet awards.
this is what had to happen…
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Regine Hunter Joins A Reality Show

kim-fields-living-single-tv-show-photo-GCin my head,
i feel like regine hunter from living single would be on a reality show.
in my head,
i can see the episode now.
well in reality,
kim fields who played that character,
is joining a reality show we know so well.
which one?
well take a look…
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K Michelle Politely Had To Remind Draya She’s The Right One

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.16.08 PMlook at these two pretty vixens.
k michelle.
well this was at the bet post show and people noticed a lot of tension between the two.
well guess what?
there was!
k michelle had to address draya on a past tweet she made.
well this is what she said via the shade room
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Guess Who Will Be Attending The 2015 BET Awards?

tumblr_llhm4nLyNR1qjr6l4o1_400so its happening.
janet will be attending the bet awards this sunday.
she won’t be streaming a performance at the end of the show.
she won’t show up in case her stalker x wolf is lurking in the audience.
she will be honored with the “inaugural ultimate icon award”.
this is what bet has to say…
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The Wolf Who Uses What He Got To Get What He Wants?

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.16.56 PMso i read a blind item today that nearly made me faint at work.
i was so busy,
but i said when i get home,
the foxhole will hear about this story.
so aspiring model wolf wants to get into the industry.
like many,
instead of hard work,
he allegedly uses his looks/body to get “ahead”.
so much so he lands in the alleged lap of…
well check the blind item from “the fame driven” below…
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