Bruce Jenner Had Me Like “Whoa!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.11.45 PMso mi and i just finished watching the bruce jenner interview on abc.
that was pretty damn heavy.
was it heavy for anyone else?
for those who don’t know,
bruce jenner is transitioning into being a vixen.
he said he:

always felt he was a vixen at a young age
 felt like a vixen when he was a track star
was even taking hormones during the 80s
was wearing some of his ex wives clothes
kim kardashian walked in on him cross dressing and politely left
“the big one” had a hard time accepting it

bruce also admitted he isn’t gay.
i guess that means he is a lesbian?
the whole thing was absolutely heavy,
but it was a good watch.
good to see his kids and those kardashians were supportive.
i was glad to see this one:

887e4_brody-jennerthank you bruce.
anyway during the interview,
abc said they reached out to his past three wives.
two of them had comments except that woman”.
well perez hilton made a tweet about it and she had a clap back on his ass…
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Steelo Brim Stop, Drop, and Rolls Out A Rape Charge

0195d03ff1a876fa1d50d665c06ed496remember ^this wolf?
his name is steelo brim and i wrote about him ( x here ).
well he had a strange incident in new yawk the last friday.
it involved him,
a porn star,
and him rolling out a moving car.
all kinda of ridiculousness”.
get it?
this is what tmz had to report…
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Does Britt McHenry Say Her Prayers With That Mouth?

Britt-McHenrywhat i don’t like are rude celebs.
nothing worse than a “d” list celeb with a nasty fuckin’ attitude.
well i’ve had the pleasure of meeting nice ones.
*knocks on wood*
espn reporter,
britt mchenry,
is the type of celeb i wouldn’t want to meet tho.
i don’t think she would be able to handle my mouth.
this is also why espn suspended her for a week…
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Jussie Smollett Gets A Possible Upgrade In His Joints?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 7.07.07 PMcan someone tell jussie he is lookin’ like a joint in ^that pic?
okay thanks.
well speaking of joints,
one of the f-bi sent me this article from mediatakeout today.
you know that forest always needs a receipt as well.
well it was a picture of jussie smollett and his alleged new joint.
take a look…
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