Trey Songz and August Alsina Do Usher

usher-that-grape-juice-she-is-diva-that-grape-juice-1-600x465oh wait…
did you think this was some backstage gossip?
you sick pervert!
how could you?
so usher brought out foxhole favs,
august alsina and trey songz,
on stage.
he is currently all over the country for the #urxconcert.
he recorded a video for ushertv and well…
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Fake, Fraud, and FlimFlammery: The Life of Apollo Nida

liarliarwell i knew this was going to happen.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
apollo nida from #rhoa was going to come clean sooner or later.
i was waiting for everyone and his idiot wife to play catch up…
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Um, Is This Justin Bieber Kissing A Redbone Wolf or Nah?

one of the f-bi just sent me this today

i am throwing “allegedly” all over this one.
so apparently and “allegedly” justin bieber,
our “love to loathe” snow fox,
posted an alleged picture by mistake and deleted it super quick.
according to the website huzlers,
it is a picture with him kissing a redbone wolf…
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So Will Aaliyah Be Haunting Some Souls After Tonight or Nah?

1405775761_alexandra-shipp-aaliyah-movie_1every time i see this comparison,
i want to haul off and slap someone.
anyway tonight is the night.
the aaliyah biopic will be premiering on lifetime.
are you excited?
no fucks to give?
i’m ready,
and will be on twitter for the responses.
i kinda felt sorry for the actress,
alexandra shipp,
who was chosen to play “aaliyah”.
then i saw this…
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Adam Lambert Judges A Certain Male Pop Star Who Want Gay Money

tumblr_nf07g1bJOb1qbpz9ho4_1280so ima throw “allegedly” all over this.
so adam lambert,
out american idol alum,
had something to say about a certain new male pop star.
he went on twitter to rant about how that certain male pop star,
one who was in a successful boy band with his brother,
maybe trying to get those gay dollars for his upcoming record.
well this is what adam typed up on twitter…
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“The Big One” Has A Big One

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 7.12.32 PM

so i liked “the big one”.
never watched the show,
but she seemed like she had some common sense out of three.
well times have changed and i think she sold her soul a month ago.
i got a big question about “the big one” tho…
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