The Transgenders Will Be Holding Their Pee In Protest

remember that story of letting transgenders use the bathroom of their assigned choice?
obama was trying to have that law passed last year with a lot of talk.
we also talked about it ( x here ).
well the orange hyena and his pack canceled those plans
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I Want To Be An Escort!

everyone always thinks being an escort is glamorous.
well how can we not?
we see all these unexplained trips and material possessions on social media.
the hot bawdies and nice clothes.
the alleged baller wolves stories that keep you wanting more.
i have said to myself countless times:

“…and why am i working a job for?”

that it all comes with a price.
the fantasy is the story being sold.
an f-bi sent me an article that about a gay escort named tyrice black.
he was interviewed by ian haddock of the normal anomaly.
tyrice actually got his start from the now defunct,
this is the story that had my hand to my mouth the entire time…
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It’s A Lonely Road Out The Landfill

have you ever looked at others and wonder why they get all the love?

you are just as smart,
and good looking,
but you get treated like the back of someone’s shoe.
you start to realize just how fake some folks were to you.
it’s like,
when you in their zone,
they have no choice than to smile in your face.
they co sign how everyone is wack.
they claim they got your back,
but once you not there anymore,
it’s like:

Who you?

…but they showing others all this love.
this is how i been feeling.
as of late…
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