The New Way To Suck His D…?

/the following entry is viewer discretion.
parental advisory is advised.

everyone likes to suck on a pipe once in a while.
sometimes it’s more enjoyable than sex.
driving a wolf crazy with just your mouth
you literally have the wolf by the balls and pretty much in control.
well the following video has me confused.
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Is Team Breezy Starting To Look For An Exit?

it’s bad when your own fans start to banish you.
team breezy is starting to wake up.
^so that was from a fan tumblr site of chris brown called “dickstopher”.
they updated daily with all chris brown everything.
after these recent allegations,
they are shutting it down…
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How Baller Wolves Treat Themselves: The Kellon Deryck Story

kellon deryck is living the baller wolf dream.
you know i secretly crush on him.
i know he is in a relationship.
if you watch his snaps,
or his ig live,
you will see he is living a pretty good life.
im all for highlighting a legit and honest come up.
kellon recently made a big purchase
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