Are You Sorry Yet? (I Could Not Stop Laughing)

a f-bi sent me the following and…
ya know what i love the most?
love more than cooked food,
nice fur and accesories,
and rubbing on a sexy wolf’s chest?

when someone does dumb shit and regret sets in.
i also love when they brag and then life comes at them fast.
that always amuses me.
so a tweeter named @freeyomindkid has a mission.
he will tweet all of the trump supporters who are getting their:


here are a few of his findings
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You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

i don’t think you should go.
i have a bad feeling about this.
i really think you should stay home tonight.”

we have all heard stories like this.
someone begs another not to do something,
they do it anyway,
and some shit happens.
either they end up dying tragically or regret not listening forever.
well that is similar to this whole “chrisette michele/trump” debacle.
i see a lot of “us” saying:

get that money!”

“if trump asked me to sing for that amount,
i’ll do it!”

there is a problem with those things.
it shows me that you’re morally bankrupt.
this is the reason why
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250k Is The Price of a Soul Nowadays

chrisette michele is the soul we are talking about today.
the trump forests allegedly paid her 250k to perform this mess
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