Twist The Knife Judge, Just Twist The Knife!

It’s probably very difficult for an NFL player to hear someone tell him that his career is probably over. It’s probably even harder for that news to come from a man carrying a gavel and wearing a robe.

That’s what happened to Terrell Owens on Wednesday, though, as Judge Marc Marmaro got all judgmental on him. Owens was in court in an attempt to reduce his child support payments because he’s broke. Here’s what went down, according to TMZ.

T.O.’s lawyer made it clear — his client is a man without a team and therefore a man without a paycheck. The judge went one step further, telling T.O. his prospects for a comeback are bleak.

Judge Marmaro said, “His NFL career seems to be over. I mean no disrespect.”  T.O. nodded his head in acknowledgment.

What a sad head nod that must’ve been. The news had to come from a judge.

The judge wasn’t totally heartless, though. He did offer a little bit of support to Owens, telling him that Kurt Warner made a run to the Super Bowl after a stop in the Arena League.

Of course, he left out the part about Kurt Warner not being 38 years old at the time, coming off a catastrophic knee injury, or being saddled with the label of a malcontent team-killer. The stories may not be totally similar.

The judge has not yet ruled on whether or not he’ll lower Owens’ child support payments. Lowering the boom on his NFL hopes was enough for one day.

Source: Yahoo

Let this be a lesson to ALL Baller Wolves reading my site…
A little bit of Jamari Fox tough love…

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LaRon Makes The Drawz Cum Down

As you know, LaRon Landry is “That Wolf“.

He gets the Fox blood pumpin, don’t he?
He has been on my Wolf list for a few months now.
He is just that Wolf who drips masculine aggression.
Plus, he looks good as hell and has the body of GODS.

What makes LaRon Landry automatically get the heart?
Fuck the drawz…

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Run From The Dick. No, Seriously.

So you own a powerful piece of meat, do ya?

I see you feeling proud of yourself in the corner Wolfie.
You are a Wolf who thinks you got it like that.
And I am sure most of you do, but some of you others…
Eh eh.
I always wonder why most Wolves think they are beasts in bed?
They will fuck you inside out with their super hero dicks?

Why do all Wolves think they are the best thing we will have?

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How A Long Pipe Can Stretch Your Insides

It’s HUMP DAY talk.

So you know what that means…
Pure unfiltered smut talk.
My favorite!
I’m sure this a topic we will all enjoy…

Rough sex.
Something about it turns me on and makes me super horny.
Just the thought of a Wolf with his hands on my neck, slightly choking me as he goes deep….
Even though that fantasy is fun and all,
have you ever looked at a Wolf and just knew he would tear your tail up… literally.
But as Foxes, can we get fucked really stupid unless we feel that…

How can a Fox avoid that?

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