X Marks The f0X: His Day Has Come

Guess who was dropped from Day26 via letter?


his day has come and now he is on his ass out the door.
When Day26 moved to Inter scope,
they figured it was time to chew the fag…..

Was Will tired of the love spats?

ON2THANEXT1NE wow..im soo hurt RT now i just recieved a letter from day26 saying they r moving foward without me…im so confused..what did i do?……… 23 minutes ago from mobile web

ON2THANEXT1NE i know God has my back…..i need some positive energy RT now twittz:( 22 minutes ago from mobile web

ON2THANEXT1NE this is the time where i need your prayerz….God Bless 15 minutes ago from mobile web

Que (ON2THANEXT1NE) on Twitter

Well we hear hiring season starts after the holidays…

But if he was smart,
He would NOT go down without a good cat fight.

Stay tuned Foxes….
This might get good.

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6 thoughts on “X Marks The f0X: His Day Has Come”

  1. Que, was without a doubt the face of Day 26 and one of the few reasons I got intrested in the group in the first place, unlike the rest of you, I truly believe that things will begin to look up for him, there is no denying that this delayed somethings for him, but a delay is never truly a denial, as long as he believes in himself and his talent, he can bounce back, right now he has to get him a good group of people who can act as a support group, reevaluate his options, look at other means of employment, begin writing his own songs. So often people think that once something like this happens it’s over, no this is his divine opportunity for him to reinvent himself, I believe in him and I know that this is not the end, its just a new begining. He will be in my prayers, mark my words he’ll be bouncing back soon!

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