We All Won


“WON!!! It still has not registered that I am the proud recipient of the #AcademyAward for Best Actress in A Supporting Role. What a magnificent day. Thank you again to the Academy and to all who put their time and good energy into rooting for me.” Lupita Nyoung’o, Instagram

i wanted to post some more lupita from the oscars.
just cause…

why are mexicans trying to claim her?
back all the way up.

tumblr_n1vygg15sC1tp719lo1_500 tumblr_n1vygg15sC1tp719lo2_400 tumblr_n1vygg15sC1tp719lo3_500of course they have no chill online:

whatever the case maybe,
my girl won for “us” and everyone is still talking.
i wish her much success in all her future endeavors.
isn’t black so beautiful right about now!?
now all we need to do is uplight each other,
instead of tearing each other down,
and we’ll be quite all right.

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full photo credits to whoever took the photos.
i am in no way claiming the pictures as mine.
thank you for capturing her radiance and beauty on oscar night.

2 thoughts on “We All Won

  1. I’m happy that she’s proud of her African heritage, as am I. So many African Americans are ashamed to be of African descent and that’s killing up morning, noon and night! She was born in Mexico. And her brother is a handsome man.

  2. She is so happy, and I’m happy for her. Y’all are so busy caught up on Lupita that none of you noticed her brother, Peter. He is handsome man. I love African men, not even gonna lie. I got first dibs.

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