Want To See Him Beat? I Sure Do!

Click ——–> Is this him?

I guess he was a part time porno star in his modeling career.
Look him up because I am sure you have seen his pictures
on the WWW before.

Either way,
I haven’t seen it so….
lets see the beef and the stroke resume!!!

I am dying to see if he hot…. or not.

a majority of the dudes on this site:


… are hood hot.
I see potential DD’s in the making.
Just how we like em Foxes.

“Less he speaks; the more the meat.”

Whatever Fox has this video,
can you share with the class?

You’ll get a passing grade.
I promise.


5 thoughts on “Want To See Him Beat? I Sure Do!

  1. Ive seen his pics before too.. Hes fine back!! And that clip was kinds hot. I like that it wasn’t so clean cut. Like they had on dirty socks lol

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