Tyson Gay Is Cummin For The Win This Summer

You know I can see your tail from the front, right?
You have many fans in the Foxhole so don’t feel bad.
You have always been a good sport with your many admirers.
We are all routing for you to get that gold.

Tyson is back for another round.
Ready for it?

My good friend STAYREADYRED alerted me that Tyson Gay is back…
…and bigger in the back than ever.
Tyson is ready to run this summer and STAYREADYRED already has a preview of what is to cum.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30g_O8jhqRU]

Well I’m already excited.


But, let’s leave the discussion open…
Is there any other Baller Cakes you would love to see him cover on his YouTube page?
Let him know!

9 thoughts on “Tyson Gay Is Cummin For The Win This Summer

      1. It works everytime. You have to remember, YngBlkWolf, The Man is still young and shy. We have to be patient. We’ll bring him into the major leagues in due time.

  1. Tyson got all that ass. Before he deleted his Twittter account, females would harass the shit out of him about his booty. He would actually re-tweet some of the posts, it was funny.

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