got me talkin in tongues!
thank you the man for the update!
so “the have and have nots” is on the way back.
you know i’m already excited!!!!
check out this quick trailer below…

20azyvt.jpgim feelin the same way auntie!
tika looks GREAT in that shot!
you know i’ll be giving that season premiere summary,
the 7th of january at 9pm,
on OWN.

lowkey: all my shows coming back soon too.

go see more on: OWN

10 thoughts on “#TooDarnHot

  1. I LOVE this show! But i am abit upset about the lack of progression in the plot/location.. etc! The trailer feels like recycled clips from Season 1 or like Season 1 all over again! New character please Ty Ty! 🙂

  2. Tyler Lepley, a Jamaican-Italian guy is attractive but can’t they find a black actor to play a black person?



  4. Happy New Years!

    I can’t wait til Tuesday

    Hey did you see the story @HSK about Ty Lefley aka Benny getting a BJ from a guy in Atlanta Mens Room a couple of months ago.It’s probably BS

    Another interesting tidbit about him is he was raised by White parents his bio Mom and stepdad.He did interview with Dope magazine in July

  5. I love The Have And The Have Not, especially with Benny and Tika, they both are my favorite actors. But I can’t help feel like Tyler Perry kind of copy a telenovela called Rubi.

  6. Benny omfg i happened to see the show briefly the other day while visiting my mothers house (here for the holidays) and he was on tv, and almost immediately he drew me in, and i’m not usually crazy about lite skin men but he’s just perfection…god bless the lucky girl who wakes up to that everyday and as for the other men they are handsome too…tyler perry knows what he’s doing giving these girls life by having all this eye candy on his show…and tika is beautiful i fell in love with her on gossip girl so glad she’s getting her shine as an actress…she’s dark and lovely reppin for the chocolate sistas

    1. Now we all know Tyler Perry is not putting all those attractive men on screen for women.I’m sure he’d like us to think that is so.The eye candy is for himself, it just so happens that he has a female fan-base.

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