This Ho Said Devin is a WHAT?!

I just read on a site this ho said Devin is giving her “power bottom” vibes with these pictures???

Females, lend me your ear real quick…
Cause this has got to stop.

I’m not in anyway defending DT
(even though I called that ho a ho)

As far as females who are fag hags who love and adore gays
they try to hard to say “they have gay dar” and “I have excellent gay dar”.
Some females are good at spotting gay men.
Funny enough the feminine ones who EVERYONE can tell usually.
Maybe even discreet dudes who are softer than regular guys.

Females kill me.
Calling a man D/L when he is as obvious as Richard Simmons in a gay bar.
I do not think women know what D/L truly is.
And that is good because they are already wildin’ out with the little info they do know.

Big round of applause for J.L King.

But back to the point…
Women and gay dar.
As much as it maybe true to an extext but imo,
a woman can never say a male is a POWER BOTTOM, BOTTOM, TOP, VERS TOP, VERS…. whatever his role is.

Does Devin have a big ass 14 inch dildo sitting infront of his face?
Does he has a Grey Goose bottle stickin out his ass?

I could just be a top.
Slanging my anaconda on every bottom from the back.

And there are some feminine TOPS out there who want to get on ya back.

Gays themselves have a hard time guessing the role of another.
So for a female to say that someone is of a particular role is ludicrious to me.

I just find it funny.
Women always want to know who is gay but can never tell that their man is sliding his # to me on the low.


I did.

Later Foxes

1 thought on “This Ho Said Devin is a WHAT?!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fag hags kill me!!! I really don’t get them. Power bottom? Bytch how the fuck would you know? They’ll be the first one to call a guy who isn’t interested in them gay. Or say some shyt like all the best ones are either taken or homo… Really?? Ok! Keep the fysh in the ocean, thats what i always say =p

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