The Most Obvious Blind Item Ever

Unless you are slow or something….

This weeks blind item is a Pop, R&B singer and guess what? There’s a rumor about our blind item being caught giving head to the CEO and a Chairman of Def/Jam Records. Don’t believe me? Ask L.A. Reid.

Our blind item was once a skinny dude but now he takes off his shirt when he performs. Know why? Because our blind item takes steroids mane.
This weeks blind item slept with the right men in the industry to achieve mainstream status. Don’t believe me? Ask his ex-lover/ boyfriend Brandon Hines.

Recently the NAACP asked our blind item to do a charity teen summit for the low income kids in Baton Rouge, and he turned them down. Know why? Because our blind item doesn’t care about the kids! He wanted to be paid $125K mane. Don’t believe me? Ask his greedy bisexual manager Kevin Liles.
This weeks blind item will do anything to get on the silver screen he’ll even play the role as a step-n-fetchit Negro. Know why? Because our blind item in 2012 will be seen playing a motion picture role as the token Negro in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D” Don’t believe me? Ask the films executive producer Mark Burg.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

Source: Diary of a Hollywood Street King



11 thoughts on “The Most Obvious Blind Item Ever

  1. Is it bad after the first paragraph all I could think about was him and those lips givin head?

  2. Oh. So it’s supposed to be He who nays like a billy goat huh? Whatever…I was hoping it would be Khloe Kardashian…That brutha is fine…teehee…

  3. Really?! This is blind only in the sense that the person can say he didn’t name a name & get sued…except by Brandon, Kevin, and the other people he just put on front street…lol

    Anyone surprised? *crickets*

    Thought so…

    1. The whole time i was like… please dont be who i think it is… please oh please oh please… :Googles ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’:::

      Nooooo! Well… okay… maybe…

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