the last of us 2 ever play that game (never) again

so when i played the first “last of us“,
i got lost in that story.
i had just transitioned from an xbox 360 to ps4 and it was my first game.
that game had me up nights on end playing.
it made me cry,
scared tf outta me,
and actually challenged me to be a better player.

so you know i was excited af for “last of us 2“.


naughty dog,
wtf did you do????
i have never seen a game get slammed so hard.
i tried to avoid the spoilers,
but all i heard was:

– They allegedly tried pandering to the trans community and failed
– The story sucks
– Some disgruntled employees leaked the story before the release
– They killed a favorite character off

ay yi yi.
i know some of the foxholers liked it.
by some,
i mean 1.
i was gonna buy it,
but now,
i’m gonna just wait til it either gets ps plus for free or watch the game play.
it’s a shame they potentially ruined such a promising sequel.

8 thoughts on “the last of us 2 ever play that game (never) again

  1. I’ve watched the stream of the game on YouTube and it’s actually very good. I felt that when XXXX died. Watch the beginning hour and then determine if you want it.

    1. ^thanks s&m!

      i’m starting to see more likes of it since i posted this entry.
      thank God for the foxhole.
      some of the wolves in my gaming group hate it so they trash it constantly LOL

      i’m gonna check out the first hour like you suggested.

      1. Low key you’ll hate the ending but it’s the ending she deserved…that’s all I say

  2. I heard from over 5 people that it was great and one being my older homophobic ass brother. I say you should buy it. I’m playing part 1 over again because I haven’t played in awhile and I knew I’d be lost if I played part 2 now

  3. I really wouldn’t read too much into the hate the game is receiving, a lot of it is purely transphobia. And I think it’s completely unfair to say that they’re pandering to the transgender community (a community that’s less than 1% of the population). The game is getting amazing reviews from critics and breaking multiple sales record, so I think naughty dog will be okay overall.

  4. Huh? I heard it got nearly perfect reviews which is unheard of. What’s wrong with a trans storyline?

      1. Every single review is a paid review? Sis this is a smear campaign by butthurt cus folks who just don’t want to see or experience transness.

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