I Got Herpes and Now My Followers Know As Well

YGat some point,
i found rapper yg attractive.
yes i did.
you have permission to judge me.
 he looks like he got good smoke,
good drank,
and good entertainment between “11pm to 3am”.
sounds like a good damn time to me!
today his pregnant vixen named caatelyn
she decided to do the utmost ratchet on her instagram.
there was talk of alleged herpes.
check this…
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Breezy Wolf Tells Drake To Come Out The Closet

it’s been a very “come out the closet” week.
it started with an alleged baller wolf planning his.
now it ends with a musical cat fight that has gone on way too long.
it got poor justin bieber trying to be a bad ass lesbian to keep up.


i thought breezy wolf said…
(i swear thats usually how the conversation about chris goes…)
… in a recent interview there was no beef and drake’s music was hot?
what changed?
well breezy wolf spit a verse on young jeezy’s “rip” remix and well…

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Fucking Me Stupid in V.I.P

I have never thought of fucking in VIP.
VIP for me is fucking at The W Hotel
I’m just sayin…

I have seen girls get fingered and fucked (sitting and standing) by my homeboys in VIP so I know how it goes.

Apparently after Weezy’s Grammy party,
some ho-bag thought she should come out her panties for this yungin’…

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