She Took Her Life Because She Wanted More From It

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.29.34 PMso they have found a possible motive why simone battle took her life…
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She Couldn’t Fight The Battle Anymore

10561034_1441781012754133_601785930_neveryone this is simone battle.
she was a twenty five year old aspiring singer,
whose group “G.R.L.” was starting to take off:

she also appeared on x factor a few times.
she even had many tumblr folks reblogging her for her style.
she was like many of us,
trying to turn a dollar into a dream.
well simone lost the internal battle last night.
she allegedly ended her life.
stories like these make me so sad.
taylour paige,
from “hit the floor”,
had some words to share about her friend on instagram
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