rico pruitt goes back home (signal23tv)

*the following entry is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

when someone has done me wrong,
i tend to stay gone
i’ll be cordial if we cross paths,
but i tend to keep my distance.
so in 2017,
rico pruitt accused “signal 23 tv” of doing him wrong.
( x see entry here )
he was the star in their series,
“about him”,
but he left due to not being paid by the producers.
he went on to do other series,
started dating porn star/stripper arquez,
and i thought he was making his bones in other avenues.
well a foxholer sent me this today…
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I Hear Alot Of Drama Goes Down At Steel River

movie night at wolfie’s crib!
there is a trailer for a new show coming out.
well i don’t know if it is a show or a movie.
it’s called “steel river” and you be the judge…

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