where do you think you’re going with that big ass dick?

i often wonder if a big ass dick is a disability.
when your dick can’t even fit in your underwear all the way…

How would it even get into a tiny foxhole?

i mean,
these are important questions.
so when i’m sent a pipe like the following,
i’m often left asking

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are you familiar with “dl language”? (well, are you?)

every gay/bi/curious foxholer knows the following.
unless you live under a rock,
you either:

used it “before”
use it now

i know a few of these sentences all too well.
it’s the infamous “dl language“.
i saw this fly down my timeline on twitter from one of my followers.
 i had to post

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“F” Is For “Fucked” On The F Train

the other morning,
well the morning i first started the temp job,
i was early af and the mta decided to play me.

“There is train traffic ahead of us”

it had us stuck in a tunnel for about 15 minutes.
by that point,
my anxiety started to get the best of me.
it wasn’t the type of train we could walk between cars.
it felt like i was in a packed steel box.
i had to turn on the “brilliant idiots” podcast to keep me focused.
thank God for charlamagne and andrew.
so i’m surprised no one sued yet with this following story.
the “f” train in new yawk stalls in a tunnel,
the lights shut off,
the a/c goes out,
and panic ensues.
sounds like a horror movie.
well this is the story via the ny times
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