That Sexy Fox Tried To Shoot My Self Esteem At Point Blank Range!

“The gay lifestyle is like tupperware.
Too much bottoms and not enough tops.”

Whether it is playing an intense video game between 4 people,
being a Baller Wolf and being on the field,
or going to a party with the flyest outfit on….
sometimes a good dose of healthy competetion keeps your mojo going.
But, in this lifestyle, it seems that the more Foxes keep popping up…
The more potential threats we have for us getting the Wolves we desire.
Or, the ones who are plotting against us for the Wolves we already have.

So many Foxes vying for the same Wolf.
Hybrids offering more to the lifestyle.
And, Wolves who have more options at the buffet table.

Where do you stand above the competition?

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“I Keep My Past In My Handy Dandy Man Bag.”

I have been hurt.
I have been done wrong.
I have been a victim.
I have been an enemy.
I have been many things on the downside of life.
But, for whatever reason, I try not  hold onto my past…. anymore.
I try to brush my shoulders off and keep on moving.
Even if something hurts me so bad.

When it comes to dating, I have had my share of hurts.
Hell, I am single now due to partly “giving up to focus on my career“.
It is the Wolves you want that can make you feel so ugly if you are not chosen.
Your low self esteem can beat you senseless…
But I had to wonder even after all the bullshit…

Is it wrong to still see the good in people?

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The Eternal Art of The Entire “FUCK YOU”

FUCK YOU has spanned many generations.

Cavemen probably used it in clubbing the biggest dinosaur.
Eve definitely used it when she ate that apple.
Kings used it to get their way on others from various countries.
Queens used it to get their way with Kings.

FUCK YOU” has spanned many decades and used in many ways.
It is the ying to your yang.
It should always be engraved on your chest in this cold world.

I love “FUCK YOU”.

In your growth as a Fox, you will desperately need to learn how to use the “FUCK YOU” well.
Do you think you have the skill?

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THIS is Fox Talk ONLY.

You ever look in the mirror and cringed when you saw yourself?
You thought you were ugly or just a monster (and not Kanye)?
You could not understand why someone like you was single?

I hear a lot of my Foxes out there saying they are ugly.
ALOT of Foxes have very low self-esteem even though they have the brightest fur.

Well this is for you…

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U Need More People


Aren’t you tired of chasing Wolves?
Obsessing over if they are going to call you or return a text?
Being treated like a doormat?
Finding out the REAL deal after you let him beat you down?

It is time for a change in how we deal with Wolves.
This will be the WEREWOLF segment of our programming.

Self esteem check in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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Jamari’s Single Bottom Work Out Plan!

So you are single….

Guess what? Me too! Isn’t it fun?

Well, not really, especially on those lonely rainy nights when you want to be cuddled up with someone (preferably built like a quarter back for the Redskins). That is when being single can be a real drag. But, being single should not be that much of a downer.

It can actually be fun.

No. I am not drunk, high, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Nope. I am in the middle of my single Jamari’s journey and working on the man you have come to love named: Jamari Fox. So that when Daddy comes, I am a fucking super hero to his ass.

I Cook. I Clean. AND I having a nice tite ass. Up, Up, and Away!

Ok corny…lol

I have put together a list of things we can all work on.

I’ll share some tips with my fellow bottoms so that we can get em AND keep em.

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