i love him.

4cc767004f862brandon parker,
model and ex pre-baller wolf,
could still get it.
i know this is for the wolves,
i’m sure the foxes would like a sample

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Jamari Fox Shoots People

i would love to have this:

… but not in the way you think.

pictures can speak a thousand words.
images that convey a language that only eyes speak.
this is why tumblr exists.
less talking; more pictures.
what if the newest thing in meeting a wolf/fox/or hybrid is by snapping his picture?
you get to see him close to naked and take a picture of him in his best light.
i don’t know how i could handle it without exploding.
am i in the wrong field?
shit, i started to wonder…

Is being a photographer the oldest trick in meeting the newest Wolves?

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