No More Mr. Nice “You Know What?”


god always gives you signs.
it’s up to you to catch them.

i can admit now,
i was a little slow on catching the signs with work wolf.
in my memories,
i see the good times we had.
that is what makes me miss him.
i am now remembering the shit he did that hurt my feelings.
“since you been gone”
i’m seeing the bad side of things.
bad enough i have to see him everyday.

so today,
something lead me to pick up a book i was reading.
“no more mr. nice guy” by robert glover.
it was a really good read.
i still don’t know why i stopped in the first place.
so as i’m reading the book on my lunch break,
agreeing with a lot that was being said in the first chapter,
i read this…
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