You Made Me Commit Suicide Because You Outed Me. Happy Now?

whiteliesso you’ve been outed!
wow that sucks.
no seriously, thats fuckin’ sucks.
who did it?
when are we shooting them?
in this lifestyle,
there are many ways that you can be outed.
there is the messing with the messy.
this one i never understood especially when all the signs are usually there.
some queen (masc or fem) you fucked,
or fucked you,
decides to put all your bedroom biz out.
uploading your sex tape online or blab about it on some blog/message board.
there is the angry or nosy vixen way.
she gets mad and decides to go on attack mode with your sexuality.
her excuse is you were cheating with a man and the world needed to know.
could be true or could be that you ended it and she couldn’t handle the truth.
other vixens simply have no reason and just like to cause drama.
lastly there is the ex friend(s) you had to get rid of.
you started to see that you outgrown them.
they see that you are moving on so they pull you out the closet as revenge.
you didn’t clap back to provoke it.
some people are just way too spiteful and bitter.
whatever the reason,
being outed sucks and seems to be the new thing for this decade.
i often wondered how do people really handle being outed?
thoughts of mass murder?
as a celebrity or baller wolf,
they have a good team that can spin the story.
many of us aren’t celebs and can’t afford ( x these lovely people ).
i’m all for exposing someone who was doing evil,
passing along hiv and such,
but i had to wonder…

Why punish someone by outing the innocent?

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I Hate You. Send Tweet. Smile.

remember this entry:

x celeb mean tweets

well jimmy kimmel got our favorite nba baller wolves to read theirs.

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Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?

“to the left, to the left”…

tumblr_m6gbj8YlOp1rul1syo1_400how true is that statement?
they say we are all replaceable.
the crazy part is,
people do not believe they are.
they think they will continue to be on top for ever.
worst when they are shittin on and using everybody.
some of you are talented enough to keep reinventing.
god has blessed you with “something” that keeps people interested.
you are talented so you don’t have to worry.
plus you are a good person and people can see that.
others depend on their looks,
or body parts.
“clocks a tickin’.”
when your time is up…

Are you okay with that?

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Jealousy Makes People Do The Ugliest Things

it bothers me how people can be genuinely grimy.
and for what reason?
do they get paid for this?
i could understand if a check was involved.
but if not, seems like a whole bunch of wasted time.

so every meet vincydiva89:


vincy made partner with youtube where she could start making money with her videos.
i guess as soon as this started happening,
she was suddenly “ugly” and getting disgusting comments/hate mail.
the kicker to why this post was made today was that someone bomb clicked her ads.
bomb clicking means someone clicked them over and over.
you are not suppose to click your own ads to generate any kind of profit.
by doing this, youtube will suspend your account.

whelp, she ended up getting her whole shit disabled.
i felt for her.
she seems like a nice girl…

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I Guess You Like Taking a Pounding Being Such A Pussy

Nah nah nee boo boo.
My site is much better than yours!

You probably wouldn’t like me too much if I did that to you, huh?
Well, everyone else is so does this mean I’m not cool?

I have noticed humans have become modern day “Nelson from The Simpsons” bullies.
Instead of being forced to eat sand in a wonderfully made cake in the sandbox,
or getting pulled up the flag pole by your underwear,
it has now been replaced by tactless internet mud slinging and “I am much tougher than you” demeanors.
Have we all just become grown kids?
And, what is the best way to handle a situation like this?
I had to ask…

Are you a bully?

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The Dream Destroying Some Cheeks


I can see how a Wolf can fuck you until he is on your payroll.
Got a Fox looking for money in the dark with a flash light….
… just to make sure that penis NEVER leaves your sight.

Wolves like this one are dangerous…

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