In Your Radar

Have you ever seen a dude, and kept on seeing this particular dude, like ya’ll were suppose to meet somehow?

That is how I feel about a particular kat I keep seeing. I could be wrong, but I think everytime he sees me, he is always checking out this particular Fox. Little does he know, I have been also peeping his flow heavy.

We are both in a situation where we are together for more than twice a week. He is in a group opposite from mine, but I am around him nonetheless. I am patiently waiting for the oppurtunity to open, where I can strike…. So he can strike.

Keep it type brief but, still be open enough for whatever was to happen, happen.

Definitely a Wolf 5 in the making (see last post, A-HA).

I’ll keep you upated Foxes.


Brought To U By The Foxberry