What The Fuck-ers?

we all have an image that we portray to the world.
there are:

“i don’t give a fuck-ers”

i’ve always admired the latter
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Yo Eyes Betta Not Be Lookin At My Fuckin Chest Mah Dude!

Is all attention really good attention?

I mean, we all like eye candy, right?
*raises hand*
We have Wolves, Hybrids, Vixens, and Foxes online to provide that for us.
But, what if you are a Wolf/Fox/Hybrid/Vixen who gets naked, but hates the attention?
Isn’t that, like, conflict of interest… or something?
I started to wonder…

What is the naked truth?

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The Image of What “Just Right” Looks Like

You ever saw someone and could possible say:

“He is just my type.”

I know we all have.

As you know, I like a certain type of Wolf.
(Devin Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Dez Bryant, Nic Harris, Adrian Peterson, and the like)
But if you don’t know what will catch my eye in the street, you will as soon as you flip that lid.

I bumped right into this Wolf who got my juices running….

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