The Southern Wolves VS The Concrete Wolves

Nothing beats the Concrete Forest.

I love living here because it has opened me up to
different things, a fresh style, and endless job opportunities.
You can literally turn one corner and you are in the Caribbean,
and then turn the next and you are in the Harlem Renaissance.
Every neighborhood has a different culture and every borough has a different way of life.

Plus, the Wolves out here are FIOOOONNNNEEEEEEE.
You can always find eye candy in Times Square, Soho, Union Square… or a train platform.

There is always something to do because the city never sleeps.
The slogan is really true: “If you can make it here then you can make it anywhere”.
The Concrete Forest teaches you to be tough, a multi-tasker, and a style icon all in one.
But my question is:

Is there any Wolves here?!

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