“Giving A Fuck” Is Actually Fucking You Good and Hard.

when did you stop giving a fuck?

how many times were you hurt,
or even frustrated to stop caring about people’s feelings?
is it something you learned from an early age?
or, is it something you got over time?

not giving a fuck is not hurting people for no reason.
it also doesn’t mean going out and having raw sex.
it just means that you don’t give a fuck about stupid shit.
you are in full control of yourself and your emotions.
plus, you say what you need to say without regret.

the world can be a cruel place.
it can feel like a death trap when you are loyal and follow the rules.
as much as you try to be the “best” you can be,
other people who aren’t giving no even half a fuck are making it.
they are the ones with the careers,
everyone at their whim,
and life is a happier place.
they don’t look at other people because they are the only ones who matter.
they are going through life with no fucks and actually making great strides.
yet, you are where you are.
giving a fuck.
so i had to ask…

How many fucks do you give?

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