3 mistakes while dating gay

in order to date jamari fox,
you need to be:

– aggressive
– loyal
– private
– have common sense
– a subtle air of “i’ll fuck you good”
– sexy (to me)

i don’t care if you work out 22 hours a week,
or you’re a nerd who has a lifetime subscription to “crunchyroll”,
those are the things that move the meter for me.
so yesterday,
i was laying in bed,
and was thinking about dating in the gay world.
it’s a complicated world that i spent too much time trying to find a wolf to love me.
for some,
there isn’t a lot of that.
they go out and can meet someone almost instantly.
others have a hard time getting noticed.
from my own experiences,
and even observations of others,
these are some big mistakes while trying to date other males…

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