How To Act Like U Like Women

This gentleman will teach you how!

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I Prefer Fed-Ex Penis Better

Mailmen are hot.

Have you ever just seen a fine ass mail dude?
Their uniforms always fit them so well plus,
something about them sticking their package in your slot turns me on.
I have to have a role play mailman fantasy one day.

But I have a Vixen of mine who realized her mailman fantasy was really a nightmare.

Peep the bullshit below…

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Jamari Fox starring as: THE WHORE!

I’m coming for ya man.


Yup, that is me.
Watch your man because I eat them alive.
I have insane magical powers that draw taken and confused men to me.

Only on TBS.
Very funny.

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X Marks The F0x: O He’s A Bisexual?

Guess which alleged bisexual cakes are these?

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Twist…. Then I Shout.

You know in a movie,
a really good movie,
you get this twist somewhere near the end that can knock your socks off.
Like in Sixth Sense when we found out Bruce was dead all along.

Well I got that same twist at my job with Mr Attitude and Mr Confused.
and I don’t know if I like it too much…

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A Fox or A Wolf?

There is a guy at my job that I would mess with in a heartbeat, besides Mr. Attitude.
BTW: Mr. Attitude is giving me all the right attitude as of late.

He is tall, nice toned body, caramel complected, and has a nice handsome face.
All the girls go crazy over him next to me.

… but I think he is a bottom….

Does this mean I am a lesbian of some sort?

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