You Have Blacklisted Love In Your Life aren’t ready for love.
i’m not either.
not the way some of us carrying on.
myself included.
we have these fantasies of our perfect “potentials and prototypes”.
i post about them ever so often.
he looks like what we want to feel like on the inside.
we think because is so handsome,
and that his bawdy is together,
that he will the key to activating what we are missing inside.
hell a majority of them are worse off mentally and emotionally than us.
well i had a lot of thoughts about it last night.
i had to wonder if i haven’t found a wolf because i’m not ready for one?
lets say i got that crush from my job,
or anyone of the crushes from my past,
and he fucked me completely stupid and never called me again,
would i REALLY be able to handle that?
probably not.
not where i am right now in life.
have i been looking for someone to love me,
to see the beauty in me,
rather than me learning to truly love myself?
i had to wonder…

Can a “potential” teach you how to love yourself?

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