my skin (care) is always at it’s worst when i’m pining over some toxic job or negro

i’ve noticed when i’m under extreme stress,
my skin takes a humongous turn for the worst.
i end up losing tremendous amounts of weight due to depression and anxiety.
my skin sags,
i break out,
and every line in my face becomes prominent.
i wasn’t born with perfect skin and it’s been an upward battle since my teens.
as of late,
especially during the rona,
i’ve been on my skincare game really heavy.
i wanted to share a “before and after” with the foxhole.
one of my bffs,
sent me a picture of when we went to the rihanna concert back in 2016.
this was during a stressful job and “the work wolf era” when it got bad…
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2020 wants all the smoke (rip to pop smoke)

pop smoke was only 20.
lemme font ya foxhole,
ya fox been out in these forests a lot more than before.
that is the only good thing to come out of my last job.

My ex-coworkers be outside and want me outside with them

when this song would come on at the various spots i’d be at…

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2020 vision

i look healthy again.
you would if you spent your days unemployed.
all you can do is eat,
and heal.
i’ve noticed so many things here coming to an end for folks.
my homeboy just texted me and let me know he got fired today.
he is married with two kids with no idea what he’s gonna do,
but he is hopeful.
truth be fonted,
his job was so stressful and he was just there for the benefits.
i think those are the things that are coming to an end tbh.
situations that weren’t good for us.
my spirit wanted to share something with those who need it…

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i watched the 2020 grammys and well…

i needed an escape from all the kobe mourning yesterday.
social media ruined me,
but i continued to scroll my twitter timeline.
whose fault was that?
this fox.
well who knew i’d be crying all throughout the grammys too?
my thoughts on the grammys was a big “eh“.
i got a few thoughts about the experience…

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so i wanted to treat the foxhole today.
my foxy senses told me to do it,
but when karaoke randomly suggested it,
i knew it was a message from The Universe.
i wanted to treat the foxhole to a special podcast from me to you

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it’s time to officially say goodbye

it’s time to say goodbye

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