add “unbothered and petty like omarion” to your holiday wish list

for 2020 and beyond,
we should strive to be both as unbothered and petty as omarion.
so his x group mate from “b2k”,
is dating his baby mother,
apryl jones.
they have been taunting omarion about their relationship since they linked.
omarion had an iconic interview with “vlad tv” to show how unbothered he is.

just bravo.
well for the “petty” portion,
the scorpio in him came out today.
he decided to launch a new “millennium tour” for 2020 and welll…

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Beat That Gay Demon Out Of Me Father!

what if your parents sat you down and said:

your father and i have both agreed you need help.
we are sending you away for a while.
your lifestyle is not one with the Lord.
a camp to help you cast that demon out will help.”

your parents bought the ticket and you’re headed to a gay conversion camp.
well guess what?
it’s probably happening to someone in a far away (or close) forest as we font…
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