I’m so embarrassed for him.

Okay so a few thoughts.

ROTFLMAO! is the first.

Nicki, he is not.
Stop it, stop it, STOP IT.

The skully and the doorag didn’t help butch him up either.

And why is he bragging on the booty tho?
If he fucked a member of Pretty Ricky…
and I woulda keep that one the D/L FORREAL…
why are you telling the world?
and on Youtube?
Fo’ why come?

It is bad enough these females running up at the mouth with who they fucking.
I thought our people would know how to STFU.
I hope he realizes his common girl antics just lost him major brownie points.
He coulda sucked and fucked his way to an athlete
and have that dude pay his tuition.

This new generation of gays and females are sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

I bet he is tite because those broke ass wanna be singers
didn’t break him off none of that chedda.
Well, what chedda?
Not for nothing,
if Ima stoop low enough to fuck with a member of Pretty Ricky,
I need to see a credit card, wallet, or a new wardrobe.
Shit else.

And he needs to stop playing and know he fucked this creature here…

Because this one here:

Is looking for exactly WHAT we are all looking for.

Boy stop.

4 thoughts on “SMDH.

  1. So what’s wrong with this picture?

    A) Dude is hella ugly (I’m jus sayin)
    B) See A
    C) See A & B

    Hehehehe…I can’t stand fags either. They give us all a bad name

  2. Lmao!!!! At least brag about someone who is STILL IN THE GAME. Pretty Ricky? It isn’t even a surprise at this point… She definitely wasn’t the only one. She thinks she’s givin’ “Trade” tho but its channeling through the screen more like “Trish.” Get into her other videos lol. Shes a hoot.

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