Rarri True Takes Off His Clothes To Prove He Isn’t A Square

so rarri true isn’t really shaped like a square.
with his clothes off.
the following video randomly popped up on my tumblr timeline.
i guess he wanted to show he wasn’t made by maytag

i’ll give it to him.
he has a better shape under the clothes,
but i’ll need his style choices to reflect that.
all the attentionistos dress to give the illusion of a toned body.
rarri dresses to show off his narcissism,
which is corny all within itself.
speaking of corny,
i was looking at some of his snaps and insta-snaps.
he suffers from the “amber rose problem” now.
he was so much sexier when he was a mystery.
just a face and our imaginations.
if he didn’t have all the “props”,
i can only imagine how corny he would be in real life.

It’s okay to play “The Mystery”

you control the narrative that way.

lowkey: snap and insta-snap is killing fantasies out here.
maybe we should be happy for it?

13 thoughts on “Rarri True Takes Off His Clothes To Prove He Isn’t A Square

  1. I can’t believe there’s someone that’s a bigger cornball than Safaree. At least Safaree grows on you and knows when to shut his mouth. Someone remind this thot to come back down to earth and that any chance of advancement in his life ended when Mona Scott denied that ass because this clown doesn’t know how to play his position. Time to go back to bed hopping after hoes with more money and relevancy than him – barely – since Star Milan cut those 15 milliseconds of fame quick before they even began, womp womp.

  2. He has no neck syndrome which is also giving the illusion of being square. He is so corny, which can be endearing, but he has no self awareness… resulting in someone missing the mark while trying too hard.

  3. Personally, I do not even know why people are giving him attention. I do not even like the way he rose to fame in the first place. The body is nice tho.

    1. Agreed, I´m not seeing any of it lol. The girls can have him, not really missing out, like…at all. Ew

  4. I think he has an ideal male body but like a lot of attentionistos/as they can be really boring, single and reliant on likes for motivation. I think he’s handsome tho.

  5. The video was great until he started talking and looking into the camera. Tbh i just need him to show the dick outside of that he’s definitely lame/corny.

  6. If you got it, flaunt it! That’s the motto of EVERY attentionistos and attentionistas. Social media has increased this mental illness for people like him: narcissistic personality disorder.

    1. ^yeah…
      many people aren’t as attracted since we get a peak into some of their lives.
      some are vulgar af,
      or flexing too much as a sign of low self esteem.

      1. Yeah. I’ve been unfollowing a lot of people after watching their insta-snaps. So many have just KILLED the fantasy. LOL

        It’s like do I really need to look at you while you’re driving (which is dangerous as hell), lying in bed, waiting in line, doing reps in the gym, etc.?!

        No. I just need you to look cute in a pic. No talking necessary! LOL

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