Phillip Is The New Wolf on Empire (and The Star In My Fantasies)

juanantonioso a star is about to born in the foxhole.
the character of jamal is now suffering with ptsd on “empire”.
he is being counseled by a fine wolf named “phillip”.
well “phillip” is being played by juan antonio.
juan antonio is a 6’1:

“fine as hell”

 i sniffed out pictures about him online

…a couple videos from him attending the premiere party of “empire”:

…where i first spotted him on “how to get away with murder”:

i’ll definitely allow juan antonio.
now i don’t know if i’m gonna allow the singing career:


..but i’ll take the rest.

lowkey: he has a nice everything.
his tail is massive.

pictures/videos credited: juan antonio | instagram


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Phillip Is The New Wolf on Empire (and The Star In My Fantasies)”

  1. So Jamal gonna fuck his therapist….I’m so tired…over….bored…repulsed by this, dude…….Jamal is turning me off for real

    1. You are correct Jamari and good eyes…Juan has ass… I bet it is a combo of muscle and jiggle…Similar to Mr. X in porn or Bolo the stripper

  2. I just caught up with empire, and that tail shot of “Philip” damnn man. I would be in love with that man. SO fine! All of Jamal’s boyfriends/love interests are really good picks, usually I’m bored with the eye candy, but I finally got my sweet tooth cured lol. That shot where he was pulling up his pants has me on repeat!

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