nothing will bring you more joy than when your enemies are exposed

i don’t care what anyone tells or fonts me.
i don’t care if you try to act like it doesn’t.

Nothing feels better than watching someone who hurt you get exposed.

nothing hits better than watching them crumble.
nothing makes you cum harder than getting your retribution.
orgasms last a good couple seconds; getting vindicated lasts a lifetime.
i’m not here to font you not to celebrate in someone’s demise

Because I’d be lying.

someone who tried to hurt didn’t care about your feelings.
those who listened and stopped speaking to you didn’t care either.
they didn’t experience that loneliness of being ostracized.
you were the one who was purposely ignored and thrown into the trash.

What a grand feeling when all of those people get embarrassed.
Those bitches should have picked the right team!

i’ve seen so many jackals fall after trying to hurt me.
the tears that i shed; the loneliness i felt.
some hurt nearly drove me to suicide.
there were times i felt like i had no voice.
there are jackals who hurt me that haven’t and wouldn’t tell their secrets.

So hell yeah,
I felt great when I heard their time for judgment came upon them.

my secret weapon has always been to stay silent.
i realized how much power i have when i say or do nothing.
they fell into my trap by creating the narrative for me.
so when i got my vindication for their crimes,
everything was called into question when their characters got revealed.
checkmate bitches!

i know you been hurt by someone(s).
it sucks but you have to drop it and keep moving.
if you don’t have the power and resources to fight back,
or if many people aren’t on your side,
it is best you just disengage.
you will have have your time.
it might take months or years but just move on with your lives.

Their take down is going to come.

…and i hope you pop a bottle at their destruction.

lowkey: i don’t know why people don’t choose to do the right thing.
their downfall is much worse by the debts and burned bridges they rack up.

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  1. This right here was an on time message! Thank you Jamari you just don’t know how much this gave me the confirmation that I needed this just gave me chills.👏👏👏

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