nobody is coming to help you (sos)

“nobody’s coming.”

i saw that quote today and it was some real shit.
one of those type of quotes that is a blunt reality.
most of us are waiting for:

a prince charming
“things to change”
a cavalry to come and wreak havoc on those who hurt us

the truth is they ain’t coming.
nobody is coming to help or rescue you.
i learned that with my life and even with the foxhole

there were so many folks from my past who i met with connections.
these were folks i met or knew.
i reached out,
told them i had a blog,
let them know how much stats i had,
and my desires to be indepedent.
they often bragged about who they knew or what skills they possesed.
without bending over something,
or putting my lips on a dick,
i thought they were being legit genuine.


…and i believed it.
they never came through.
they strung me along or they vanished all together.
many of them weren’t as “big” as they claimed.
others chose to assist another that treated like pure hell.

it was pretty fucked up,
but i learned that no one might help me find my way.
i may have to do it all on my own.
from the bottom of the valley low,
i’ll have to climb to the top off my own.

that may sound pessimistic,
but when i look back at my life,
i got to this point by my own.
i wasn’t lucky to have a mommy and daddy with nepotism.
i’m not white.
my skin color doesn’t grant me success.
i had to struggle hard and face some real shit.
jackals were trying to destroy me from the inside out.
thank God i had my friends teach me shit my parents never did.
i learned to do my own resumes,
build experience at jobs,
all while falling down a whole bunch of times.
i often wish i had just one big connection,
but i’m tired of being a stupid fox living in fantasies.

Some people do not care to help me

i hope i never become someone who doesn’t help others.
even if i don’t have a connection for them,
i hope i can offer helpful advice.
i made a vow i’ll never help those who dismissed me.
i’d prefer them to suffer.

God is still working on me.
don’t wait around for anyone to rescue you.
this is not to font someone won’t be genuine and merciful,

You could be waiting years for nothing to happen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “nobody is coming to help you (sos)”

  1. Preach Jamari Fox, you have given the Saints a word today. So many of us have had to learn this the hard way, especially if you belong to the Rainbow Tribe. Str8 family members do not give a damn about you and will use you the hell up and still disparage your name. Sadly many fellow gay people are just as bad, they love to get a good drink and talk about all those who fell along the way as we are not all in the same boat, it is only a very few of us who are not living paycheck to paycheck and walking on tightrope without a net to catch us. I try to support my people both str8 and gay always wanting someone who looks like me to win, but I often find that I do not get that same support. Ironically I am getting ready now to step out to a Black Gay owned spot to chill to support it with some more friends. Many of us can offer more than empty promises, but we dont because of Ego. I have seen it so much especially with some of my Brotha;s and Sista’s they often time want to be the only one to shine. Many of these Blogs have fallen by the wayside, but you are yet holding on no matter what the naysayers and haters have said and all the fake help they offered. Still thinking about that crazy dude who told you he would give you some money to do something, and I am sure you are still waiting on that LoL. Foxhole take heed you are your own Savior, and you have to always be ready to make the right decisions regarding your life.

    1. ^ive been ear hustled one too many times.
      you think that because you’re genuine with others,
      they will be the same for you.
      some love helping those who will treat them like trash because that’s all they know.
      which is why it’s important to live by the “nobody is coming” life.
      it will help you to always put yourself first and do all you can to make it.
      you won’t depend on false promises because you know 98% of folks are full of shit.
      gay or straight.

      that’s just the reality of life.

  2. Random suggestion…

    You know…if you did something on the side….maybe self-publish a self-help book you could pull in a little extra side income. Gotta use your talents to hustle.

    Apparently, self-help books are pretty popular. 🤷‍♂️

    1. ^ya know,
      before i felt like i wasn’t wise enough to do a self help book.
      i felt like i wasn’t where i needed to be to help anyone.
      as i step into my blessing and feel more comfortable in the fur i’m in,
      i realize that i am pretty damn smart and i’ve been through a lot.
      i feel more confident in writing one now.

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