No Pics Per Bron Bron’s Request


I need to ask you a question…

Allegedly your security said if anyone takes pictures of you in the club,
some shit about law would be enforced.
Thank God this picture was taken BEFORE they yelled out their bs.
Shout out to the lucky Fox with the quick snap snap game.

So my question is this…
Why can’t they take pictures of you?
Where you doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?
You looked good as usual.
Or was this just typical Bron Bron “divo” antics?

Lighten up baby!

You know muthafuckas was going to get that pic.
Now be a good Wolf and get with the program.


5 thoughts on “No Pics Per Bron Bron’s Request

  1. A friend who works at the Four Seasons says “DIVA” does not even describe his arrogance and attitude. But on the other hand Duawne Wade is totally opposite speaking to the employees, making sure he tips them, remembers their names from previous stays.

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