my bootyhole itches with pleasure from tasting so good

all the foxes look for different ways to “taste” good.
i’ve always loved a nice scent on my body.
i’ll place it on strategic spots to entice eating me tf out.
i’ve heard of some foxes putting vanilla extract on/in their foxholes,
but i’ve never heard of the following.
this is what a foxholer sent me from twitter

i don’t know if that’s safe tho.
i feel like shoving certain things up your holes may cause an infection.
worst off…

Give you a hemorrhoid you’ll never forget

this includes raw meat as well.
you never know how your bawdy will react to something like that.
i’d stick to:

– taking a warm shower
– cleaning yourself out
– rubbing yourself down with the lotion of your choice
– keeping the fragrance light

…and go from there.
unless you do your full research on “safe things to go up your hole“…

…i’d keep everything above surface.
next thing you know,
someone gonna put the icing from a honey bun inside them next.

14 thoughts on “my bootyhole itches with pleasure from tasting so good

  1. From gummi bears, starbursts, and other assorted candies to snowglobes, gear shifts, and human hands the gays never cease to amazing with what they will put up their arse…LMAO!!!

  2. You don’t need to shove sugary substances up your ass to leave a good impression. There are products on Amazon for just this purpose. Flavored lubricants in the highest quality will give you better results without the possibility of irritation.

    1. Thank you! I was just about to post that. You can also buy flavored lubes at sex shops.

      This post is hilarious tho. Have you ever looked at bottom and be like damn he look like he taste like something? There’s this bottom that I want to fuck so bad and he just look like he taste like pina colada. 😋

  3. Well, this is nothing new as we know. I am surprised there is a strong sexual fetish for this. Trust & believe, a quick search on Reddit and you will see the things people put up there ass.

    They were recently talking about a vid of people putting milk and cereal in the asses and another person eating it.

    There was a vid circulating of someone doing this with whipped cream.

    Honestly, there is a fetish for everything that you can think of

    If you’ve seen the movie Punks, by Ian Patrick Polk…there is a scene where one of the characters is telling his friends (& Rockmond Dunbar – The straight dude they all like), well they were all sitting at the table and the dude says he was kissing a dude one time and the dude said he wanted to try something. Perplexed, he asked what & the dude said, “He wanted to stick a banana up his ass & wanted him to push it out so he could eat it..”

    Everyone at the table got silent & it was the funniest scene ever. Even the trans girl was like…WTF…

    But anyways, what kinda ass-eating y’all been getting. If you clean yourself out good, he gonna at least stick his tongue in there anyways (safely)….There are some dudes that can eat you so good, you can nut hands free but it’s rare unless y’all have that kind of chemistry but it can happen, just like nutting while getting pounded handsfree..

    Also, don’t stick gummy bears in your ass or starburst cause I know some of y’all crazy enough to do it. 😜

  4. I can’t with everyone acting like a saint. Eating whipped cream off of each other isn’t new. People love to “That’s gross!” about things they do every night smh

      1. I’ve stuck ice inside holes, candle wax on holes and other “things”. The bedroom is not for the faint of heart.

  5. I would be willing to bet that someone already put icing, frosting on their Pie hole.. It wouldn’t be surprising.

  6. I think he was playing. Most of the things he tweets are for attention and shock value. If he does, oh well good for him!!

  7. DWL..the things people do.. U have to be careful what you do with sensitived areas of your body.. putting too many scents can cause problems from irritants in these sprays etc. Then U will be walking like sometyhing is stuck up in your backside…

  8. As soon as I saw the gummy bear in the email notification, I KNEW who/what you were talking about.

    Twitter remains undefeated. 🤣🤣🤣

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