MEAT: (500)

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 1.16.07 PM500 entries of good meat.

take it all in.
so you know i love hoodsworld.
he keeps me up to date with all the premium (pre) baller wolf meat.
well i discovered james johnson,
a ex pre-baller wolf/now herba life trainer from seattle, washington.
they have black wolves over there?
anyway check out james in all his glory…

i like james.
his nose is attractive.
ya’ll know how i feel about a well placed big nose.
keep molding that body into perfection james.
i may just request your services for mine.

visit james on: instagram

visit his website: elite action fitness

7 thoughts on “MEAT: (500)

  1. I literally just screamed out OH MY GOD when i scrolled down and had seen his body and etc…smdh jamari you’re trying to kill me over here ctfu…BUT I LOVE it…he’s looking all almondy haha

  2. I am over here crying laughing I cant even take all this fine specimen glory in when you said Herbalife, that is like a running joke now with fine cut and ripped wolves. I was on twitter the other day and this fine ass wolf had killed his wife and the police were looking for him and someone on twitter stated that they bet he was a Herbalife coach, and they need to check with Herbalife- I literally fell out of my chair laughing.

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