MEAT: (274)

i love a good side profile


5 thoughts on “MEAT: (274)

  1. Damn, he’s fine. I love looking at a man’s pecs from the side.

    S/N; Frankie is looking cute in that gif too.

  2. I know that fox of his received a hell of a smashing Sunday night or the other way around. However, there was some hot sex going down that night.

    1. Willy is in NYC working Fashion Week.He has been there about ten days.He tweeted he will be working until the 17th.Frank is on vacation with his family.He said he was going to Bora Bora but I doubt he would give out his true destination.

      1. No confirmation or denial.Willy just put the pic of Frank going onstage to get his Grammy with Chris sitting down on his tumblr last night.Who knows?

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