Macc Trucc: The Stripper of Death

Oh my damn.
You see ol girl’s face?
I know she is enjoying that proper dry humpin.
(Note to self: Have “Daddy” try that position on me some night)

But let’s get into him…

…or do we want him to get into US???????

Do we like stripper Foxes and Wolves?

I’ll be honest,
I am not a big male stripper fan.
Even though they have Bodies That NEED To Be Fucked… SUPER HARD
And even though they have the stroke and moves for days…
And they may get money on call for ontop the clothes sexin’ some fat chick with no man at home…

I never really found anyone of them interesting like I do Baller Wolves.
Personally, I’d rather watch Vixen’s strip.
It is more… sexier to me.
They can be more sensual than a Wolf.
Plus, I love the female body.
I may not want to necessarily fuck one, but I can’t deny a beautiful Vixen.
I know, I am strange.

I watched Cubana Lust strip last night on WSH and it was like I was hypnotized.
The way she dropped and popped her ass…

Anyway ,  I stumbled upon THIS meat on Tumblr and I must say…



^ do you see that money.
Macc can throw that on me as I’m doing a personal “job” for him…


^He looks a little dumb,
but they are the best ones to get some pipe from.



So what do we think?
Would you give Macc Trucc some business?
Or would you deny his services?

13 thoughts on “Macc Trucc: The Stripper of Death

  1. So he drinks Grey Goose. Seriously unimpressed.
    I’d probably hit him over the head with that bottle and run off with his moolah ;-P

  2. I would pass he may have a banging body but he a lil to thuggish. Mind you he s stripper and I knew a few strippers they showed me how they pump and stretch their 7-8s to look like fat 10s. Over long time use it gets stuck that way and they ruined

  3. When I use to work at a club,
    I knew a Vixen who was dating one of the male skrippas.
    She said he would turn her the fuck OUT…
    …but he also use to beat her ass.
    He would have old women lurking all over him and he had crazy fans.
    She was a little jealous about the attention…
    …until he would come home with those hunnids.

  4. Why did he have to talk? I don’t mind watching male strippers, er exotic dancers (lol), perform, but that’s about it. I know that many of them will do almost anything for Mr. Franklin and his peers. A number of the ones in NYC that used to dance are hustlers now. I, too, will pass.

  5. Btw I love to see a good female stripper tho!! They make great friends, and have the hookup on everything!! Plus they don’t work in the daytime so you always have someone go to lunch with, and talk about trashy things!

  6. DENIED!! Male strippers=no bueno! My personal outlook… If you make money because of your body, of which there is nothing wrong with because I’m no stranger to fucking for a cause, however if that’s how you eat, I feel as if that leads to to damn many character defects. Things that I’m not willing to deal I’m not into guys that can do splits and d-pop on a headstand! Or the fact that every desperate fat girl in the tri-state area has seen, touched, groped, and been dry humped by my mans bursting at the seams peen… Nope

  7. I would deny his business, he is toooooooo gangstah for me. I am not AP English instructor but please speak with some sense like Redickulous. I mean maybe other foxes want to let him just come and beat up the fox hole, I’ll pass though

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