Lil B Shoulda Been Creepin’ With A Fox (Not A Jackal)

I swear, I would let him sex me so stupid…
with his short ig-dig-nant cakey ass…

He just looks like he will eat the hell out a Foxhole.
I know what you are thinking:

Lil B + Jamari Fox = WTF?

This is strictly a sexual thing.
He looks like the type you sneak in,
go a few rounds with,
and send him home.
He just has that look.
He could not handle someone like me permanently.
All I want to do is scream ” OH MY GOD BASEGOD! OH MY GOD!”
while he is inside me…

Is that so wrong?

Anyway, seems like another Jackal was about to moan BASEGOD…
…until he moaned “I’M OUTING BASEGOD” to MTO instead.
MTO: The National Enquirer for black people.

I had faith no one in the lifestyle would be getting into this OUTING extravaganza the Vixens are doing…

Guess I was wrong…

I guess the only thinking cooking is a quick PR spin….
If he even has PR.

9 thoughts on “Lil B Shoulda Been Creepin’ With A Fox (Not A Jackal)

  1. HE could get it!! I tell my friends all the time like… you are sleepin’ on this pocket trade! I don’t know what it is about him but he is sssooooo fine to me!

    1. The ‘person’ he is ‘talking to’ is the same person who claimed Josh Selby solicited him by email, although the date on the email was 6months before the twitter acct was created. That’s important because he asked Josh to follow him on twitter in the email…Also his picture was changed because a website called him out for using pics of a 17 yr old boy stolen from…Youve said it on here before about these youngins desperate for attn…Whoever is behind the acct wants to be Kat Stacks…Even calls Kat his/her big sister…Its sad really. Not even entertaining…Atleast Kat was good for a chuckle here n there…The gays…Sidney, and this Justin person…Theyre just so amateur with it…But yea I’m callin BS on all this…And fyi Jamari…LilB is very sexy…Ugly and smelt like cig smoke, but saggin so low you could see his peen print and his cakes…Was wearing boxer briefs…Ugly lil thang I saw at a club in Losang maybe a month ago…Sexy tho…And nice…Very nice…I shouldn’t call him ugly cuzz he was very nice…I wanna say sweet but that could imply sumthin

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