Leak Their Nudes So We Can See

tumblr_n8zqp8tYLE1rtq7zso1_500could that be anymore of the truth?
i don’t understand the concept of leaking nudes.
same way i feel about outing someone.
putting their shit all on display for the world to see…

…so someone better than you can go get it.

tumblr_n3zqilysJT1rk74v1o1_400^“everyone better” who gonna 1up on you.
hell you really just booked their sex schedule a few months in advance.
see i’m a selfish type of fox in these streets.
i like to keep every dick pic in a nice locked folder.

“good dick i cherish.
i could be blunt.
i treat it like its precious.
i ain’t gonna front.” – lil kim, not tonight, hardcore.

either way,
it all makes no sense to me.
then again…
the jackals are pretending to be vixens to get dick pics these days.




…and i ain’t.

let me not act like the foxhole are not fans of a good pipe leakage from the ratchets.
right or wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Leak Their Nudes So We Can See”

  1. RIGHT. I’m mad that blog got deleted that had all kinds of athlete and instagram dick.

    & YES @ the Lil’ Kim quote.

  2. I like pipe leakage but sometimes it shows that all that glitters isn’t gold. I still remember that one basketball player’s ashy dick. Or that one musty looking player with that pinky finger penis. Tho it wouldn’t have mattered if his dick was king-sized because he just looked straight ugh! in the face.

    People should stop showing their nudes and do what I do. Find someone who has a similar body type and save them to your computer. When someone ask to see your nudes, send em the lookalikes.

  3. Oh hell I thought this was about the Michael Vick dick pic I read about @rhymeswithsnitch.
    Nothing to see here LOL

  4. I will not feel sorry for anyone who gets their nudes leaked when they are old enough to know better. On the real, it’s common sense. I knew this when I was still straight. No full body nudes, which means no pics showing your face or any tattoos you have on your body. If a person has tattoos, they can be identifiable without their face in the pic. People are dumb as hell if they think a mad partner won’t leak their pics. No one is loyal in 2014.

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