Kellon Deryck Answers Your Question

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 7.32.51 PMremember you were asking what happened to...
( x SEE COMMENTS TO LAST ENTRY HERE )well i guess kellon deryck answered it for you.
an f-bi linked me to the following picture and well…


296d4sj…and well i’d love to see this sex tape.

lowkey: i wonder who is the most dominant out the two?
the one in the back is sexy as fuck…

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Kellon Deryck Answers Your Question”

  1. I can only hope he is bringing something to the table OTHER THAN a good stroke. LOL
    I REFUSE to be in ANY relationship where the other person isn’t working. THAT is a surefire way to cause contention/animosity/stress within, and cause the relationship to end.

      1. Khaleel co owns @imagineworld_studios A film and photography studio.He also an AIU Film student.He is also a co owner of KB Creative Group(event planners).He used to work as a marketing manager at Lovable Foods(a catering business).I believe it’s a family business run by his sisters.

        Funny thing about that pictures is all the bitter women complaining about them being “a waste” since they are not interested in them.Lol

    1. He does work. KD doesn’t look the type to settle with a bum, well at least he doesn’t come across that way. He looks like he works hard on his endeavours and his body so I doubt he is going to be looking for some scrounger who just happens to be cute. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Good for them.

      1. Glad to hear it..’cause most dudes don’t have a job and/or career if their significant other is successful.

  2. Aw, there goes all of the dreams of every Fox out there.

    That is KB behind him. I am not feeling the blonde on him, but damn that boi fine.

  3. I love how good they look but am I the only one who thinks they look a bit similar? It could be the hairstyle and skin tone, but you know those successful fine as hell niggas with ego want someone just like them.

  4. Beautiful couple. Two kings, and I hope they have a life of love between and before them.

    Minor point: Who is the DOMINANT one. Dominate is a verb, dominant is the adjective.

  5. By their body language, in most pics, you can tell KD runs the show.. Cute couple.

  6. It’s very obvious the blonde haired one is the dominant one. Come on Kellon is a bottom with a booty like that. Does anyone else notice he is wearing makeup?

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