it’s a good day to purge work and do something incredibles

i been wanting to see “the incredibles 2” for a hot minute now.
i fell in love with the first one,
and when i heard there was gonna be a sequel,
you could bet that jamari fox was gonna attend.
i decided to wake up early and head downtown to see it.
so my thoughts on “the incredibles 2″…


the movie starts off shortly after the first one.
for the sequel,
the government shuts down the super hero program,
but a company starts a plan to regain trust in super heros.
elastigirl is asked to spearhead the assignment,
while mr. incredible is left to take care of the cubs,
and jack jack.
the movie was bout 2 hours,
but i was into every single minute.
it was also kinda adult too.
maybe it wasn’t,
but they had jokes and situations that adults would understand.
can we talk about how jack jack and edna are my spirit animals?

can we also talk about how thick elastigirl is too?

i loved that little short movie,
before “the incredibles 2” started.
it made me tear up.
i find i cry easily in movies now.

after the movie was done,
i decided to sneak into “the first purge”.

“the first purge” one was about how the first ever purge began.
they wanted to contain all the civilians on staten island to do so.
i found it to be enjoyable,
although i thought the beginning sorta dragged.
i love how they sorta dragged this current climate too.
i could’ve waited for it to be released on fire stick,
but i was happy to see daniel (y’lan noel) from “insecure” be an action star.

i think he is so fuckin sexy and his bawdy is crazy:

we about to have a new black action hero with him.
another sexy wolf i’ve fonted about,
mo mcrae,
also had a guest role.
i would say go see it at your own risk.
some liked it; others didn’t.
i would definitely recommend “the incredibles 2” tho.

i know one thing,
the trailers before these movies were long as fuck.
they literally lasted 1/2 hour.
i do want to see these movies when they come to theaters:

^love the “i feel love” by donna summer sample being used in the trailer.
that beat takes me places.
it makes feel sexy af.

someone explain to me why pocahontas looks so white in ^this?

can’t wait!

low-key: check my ig stories to see some flicks from my day!
i usually put all my bts on there.

5 thoughts on “it’s a good day to purge work and do something incredibles

  1. I enjoyed the Purge movies. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVd like the rest, though. I remember when the trailer came out for it, and this group of white boys in the theater said “man they just fucked up a great franchise…I’m done.” I was like wow.

    I want to see Halloween. I hope it’s better than the last go ’round with Michael Myers…that was AWFUL!!

    The one I’m really waiting for is The Meg. I’ve read all of the books in that series. It’s a great summer read!

  2. Incredibles 2 was amazing I loved how the story didn’t try so hard to be deep and thought-provoking but it still had a nice message, jack jack was the star I didn’t enjoy the moments w/ the mind control dude they kind of hurt my eyes but still a great film.

    I want to see the first purge and halloween they look amazing and fun but more of a at home viewing than a theater viewing.

  3. I want to see Incredibles 2, but I think I may wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray. I do plan on seeing Ant-Man 2 tho.

  4. I loved the incredibles 2! Obviously Jack Jack made that entire movie and Edna had the exact same amount of screentime and impact as she did in the first movie. I liked how they had Mr incredible struggling but ultimately trying to adjust. And they been low-key marketing the hell out of how thicc elastigirl is for a while now. She was amazing too.

    S/N: the day after I saw the movie I saw a racoon omw to work and started cracking up.

    1. ^he was serious about fuckin’ up that racoon lol

      the first movie was about him,
      so i can see why this one would center around elastigirl and the siblings.

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