Is Ayesha Curry Wrong?

SSpSW0o….because everyone is dragging her something crazy.
btw: ayesha curry is the wife to nba baller wolf,
steph curry.
now what i don’t understand is…

she wasn’t attacking anyone in particular.
she was giving her opinion.
how she feels.
isn’t that is what twitter is all about?
expressing your thoughts as they come to you.
she said she chooses to dress conservatively.
whats the issue?
does she really deserve this dragging?
the folks acting like she said she trying to join isis.
well i’m just going to say it.

























it seems like all the “hoes” got offended.
its a new day when a vixen gets criticized for something like this
i guess amber rose and her “slut walk” got “hoes” feeling powerful.

giphy…but youz still a hoe tho.
no “slut walk of no shame” will change your body count.
accept it.
own it.

this even goes with the gays.
if you aren’t out here fuckin everyone,
people are personally insulted.
you are “lame” or “weird”.
look i don’t see anything wrong with ayesha’s opinion.
it all seems like faux outrage to me.

lowkey: do straight wolves have the room to talk?
they will break their neck for some half naked vixen,
or fuck her completely and utterly stupid…
but then will dog about her ass in the same breath.
they SAY they want a vixen like “ayesha curry”,
but will cheat on her with some half nekkid hoe.
they SAY they want a “good vixen/fox”,
but “get bored” and start to wander.


Do they really have a dog in this fight?

26 thoughts on “Is Ayesha Curry Wrong?

  1. Some of y’all are reaching. Dressing a certain way to gain respect from employers or just a random on the street is something we all face day to day. Hence why no one takes a man seriously who sags his pants. Nor could that man show up to a job interview sagging his pants.

    Calling Jamari’s blog hypocritical is not right when he in fact has posted vixen candy before. The women were fully/semi naked showing off their tits and ass. Every comment was about how sexy they were. No one called them sluts. No one said those whores need to put their clothes on.

    Meat posts are exactly what they’re named for. Eye Candy. It would be stupid for one to slander a person on such a post when we all know what they’re for. And I have commented that it’s hard for me to look at someone’s dad as sexy tho I still do it.

    Gay men can be hateful toward women just as women can be hateful toward gay men. Like a bisexual, it goes both ways.

  2. I think the root of what Ayesha was trying to say was not solely about the clothes, but the persona of being “trashy”, there’s like a sub-culture of “groupies” that I think she was targeting, but maybe she should have made that clear. I think that would explain the double standard (for the most part) for why no one comments on naked men being trashy because there isn’t already a social stigma about men being trashy, at least not in the same way as women.

    We have all heard the stigma about a man “getting around” getting accolades and “daps” and high-fives. He’s congratulated while a woman who does the same thing is considered a slut. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is.

    It has a lot to do with social expectations that are already in place. Most being social constructs. Put simply, men and women are treated differently, because there are different social expectations, that’s why when a woman dresses a certain way, “society” treats her like absolute garbage, because she is going against those expectations. For men, no one cares if he wears little to no clothes and exhibits himself on social media, BUT people will drag him for being feminine, because he’s going against the social expectations of what it MEANS to be a man. Does anyone care if a woman is acting “masculine”? No, people have a term for that “tomboy” and it’s totally socially acceptable, but there is no such thing for men.

    Don’t compare men and women equally, (not saying they aren’t equal in the sense of equality, but don’t compare them on the same basis) it just doesn’t really make that much sense, because there are different expectations. I’m not saying it’s right, but it can explain a lot as to why some things are acceptable and while others are not. If fem men have to accept that they will get treated bad because of social standards, then so do women who dress certain way, because appearance is more important on women from a societal p.o.v. while masculinity is for men from a societal p.o.v. We all have to accept that’s just the way it is. Or we could choose to evolve, but that won’t happen because people WANT to stay this way, so get used to it.

    If that’s what she was trying to say, she souldn’t have used twitter as the forum to do so, and should have elaborated her point better. There’s always a way to communicate a thought without being offensive.

  3. What i find funny is that it’s only when it’s about women that people wanna talk about classy vs trashy. And gay people are the most misogynic people of all. Yall keep lusting about half naked men all day every day. Damn even before that post there are “meat” posts, with naked men, but i don’t see no comment about trashy. John legend had his bare big fat ass all over the internet but he still classy, let his own wife do that and she tacky and trashy. Yall love naked men and yall wanna talk down on amber rose for being naked. The hypocrisy is just beyond words.

    Anyway if ayesha curry wanna dress some kind of way good for her, that doesn’t make her better than any other woman, a woman’s value is more than what she wears for god sake. What ayesha had accomplished besides marry the right guy? For real.

    How a woman choose the dress is none of your business. How you think a woman should dress is none of her business, keep it to yourself. Always have nasty comments like “she’s a mother she’s too old”, i never once saw that about a man. How many father are half naked on social media?

    Jeez people, yall oppressed and yall love to oppress. Leave the woman’s body alone, it’s not yours it’s hers so her choices!!!!

  4. In my opinion, I don’t give a fuck what you wear as long I look good. However if I have a bf, he better dress good cause I don’t go for that sloppy shit, only in sex…… Anyway back to Ayesha, she seem like of those “good” Christian girls that obey the name of Jesus Christ bible who judge people on their looks and talks about the unholy filth in this world, I’m just assuming.

  5. In law school, a professor once told me, “comparison usually leads to conflict and discord.” That’s the real reason I found Ayesha Curry’s comments problematic.

    Yes, Twitter is a place where an account holder may speak her mind, but her 3 tweets were so unnecessary, and they highlighted Ayesha’s own insecurities.

    First, who is “everyone” and why did Ayesha create the “them vs me” binary? Binaries have inherent hierarchies, meaning one has to be superior and the other, inferior. No one is saying Ayesha isn’t allowed to have an opinion, but her opinion should be able to stand alone without being juxtaposed to what she considers inferior.

    Second, who is Ayesha to say what’s “classy” vs “trendy?” And let’s be real, it’s “classy vs trashy,” hence why she was dragged. She was trying to be cute and coy by switching “trashy” to “trendy” and people called her out on it. If she wanted to throw shots, she needs to be ready for unfriendly fire in return.

    Third, the final tweet made the original shade all the more tacky, yet revealing. Lest we forget, she claims to have been looking at in “in style” magazine. Let’s take her at her word. Wouldn’t it make sense to take umbrage with a clothing designer instead of an individuals in society: “everyone”? The model who she was supposedly looking at had very little say in what to wear.

    I really dislike assigning motives to people’s text, but I believe, based on what I said above, that the tweets were direct shots at someone or maybe even a group of persons: groupies. Unfortunately for Ayesha, the laws of unintended consequences kicked in.

    Look at the 2 people who were quick to co-sign Ayesha’s tweets (Ayesha also thanked them for their support): ChrissyTeigen and Khloe. Now what do Chrissy and Khloe have in common? I can tell you that it isn’t “classy” attire. So, yea, she was trying to shade a particular person or groupies and got dragged…

    If Ayesha wants to dress in a certain way for her husband, great, but that doesn’t give her the right to cast aspersions on those who choose to do something else with their fashion choices. Feminism is all about choices. I respect hers, and she needs to respect others.

    Ayesha’s tweets also allowed fuckboi twitter to show their natural black asses. Of course they hate (black) women, but because of her tweets, they were allowed to get away with black women hate without being dragged by those not in the know.

  6. Then as far as people idealizing her marriage, they’re in their 20s!

    Holla at me when they’ve been together as long as Cookie and Magic or Doug and Jackie.

    We have yet to see how he’s going to respond to all the pussy that’s going to be thrown at him for years to come.

    1. It’s not so much people idealizing her marriage, it’s the league wanting a squeaky clean golden boy to represent the NBA. That’s why their daughter Riley Curry was constantly shown doing cutesy kid stuff. It was to help build his image as a wholesome dad/husband. Now Ayesha has helped her own image by showing herself to be a wholesome mom/wife in the age of Kim K’s.

      They bought Kobe’s wholesome family man “i speak fluent italian” image until you know what happened. We’ll see how long this lasts. From past incidents where Stephen got froggy with fans who were heckling him, I can see a Chris Brown situation going down.

      1. She did nothing but set herself up. As soon as she’s photographed showing too much cleavage or thigh, she’ll be ridiculed.

        Those NBA are going to ready and glad to taunt her when they finally get her husband.

  7. I feel Ayesha is just playing a role. Her husband is the NBA’s new chosen one so this is just her way of projecting that wholesome family image the league wants them to play.

  8. The way a woman dresses certainly shouldn’t determine whether they are worthy of respect.

    I’m certain you all know that thots have no dress code and fully clothed males and females can be just as promiscuous and lack class.

    She was only stating her opinion but it definitely elicited some misogynist statements from women and men alike. Ayesha Curry isn’t superior because she dresses more demurely of has a husband and kids.

    Dudes loves to talk down on Amber Rose like she’s a low class woman, but I can guarantee those same dude are all in her face when they meet her.

    Doesn’t really matter what women wear, men like confidence and women who can walk the fine line between being strong and submissive when the situation calls for it.

    Being covered up like a nun and “respectable” won’t necessarily get you chose.

    1. Good point Jay, BUT then they can’t go and get mad when they are disrespected. Even though the mentality is wrong, they say if you dress like a hoe/thot, you will be treated as such.
      You can look sexy without all the goods hanging out…or almost falling out. I’ve seen women do it.
      Personally, I don’t like to see women walking around with their ass/titties hanging out. It screams insecurity to me.
      It’s also a recipe for disaster…even more so in the types of environments these women want to get noticed in…nightclubs or parties.

      If the man can’t notice you for dressing classy/respectable…you should question if that’s someone you want to be with. Sadly, most of these women wouldn’t give these guys the time of day if they didn’t have money or fame. They are looking for an instant “payday” or at least a “long-term benefit” (child) so they can live a lifestyle they’ve dreamed of. So as many guys do in these instances, they will have a woman like Mrs. Curry at home…but look for a half naked thot just to get a nutt.

      1. Some of these statements on here prove even gay men can be misogynists and subscribe to the same patriarchal beliefs they claim oppress homosexuals.

        You oogle half naked men all day and don’t talk about respectability at all, but a woman has to dress to YOUR arbitrary standards in order to be deserving of your respect?

        I certainly have my preference for certain types of women, but I don’t make blanket statements about women that do not fit those preferences.

    2. JAY, I’m glad someone said it. Your comments on the misogny of gay men were spot on. Lord knows I love me some Jamari but how do we find the gall to condemn half naked women when there’s literally a section called MEAT on this site whose purpose is to idolize nearly nude men. And we all praise, make lewd comments on their body and get our lives from this. Or is it acceptable because there’s a difference in anatomy….

      It’s easy to call everyone else a hoe while you hide your promiscuity in the confines of your bedroom….

  9. I agree with Ayesha, and I don’t see what the problem is. If these people are getting offended, then even THEY know they are dressing inappropriately or they wouldn’t assume it was about them and get butthurt.
    I suppose the truth hurts?
    I’m all for bringing back class and real talent as the thing to glorify (if anything). Let’s get some sense back in this disgusting culture. I’m for it.

  10. Classy people always bring the insecurities out of trashy people, it is true. Her choice of keeping her clothes on bothers people? Really? That is what separates a wife from a one night fling, remember that.

  11. You are totally right about faux outrage, Twitter is good for that. I’m not into respectability politics and making a woman feel bad about how she chooses to dress HER body but Ayesha is speaking HER truth. That is what works for her and what she’s comfortable with. To a certain degree, I agree with her. Social media has made people so…accessible. I can go on someone’s IG, FB, and Facebook and find out where they work, live, shop, vacation, how they look half (maybe fully) naked, etc. There is no sense of mystery anymore and that is unattractive in my opinion.

    1. ^right!

      her opinion!
      social media has actually ruined many people that should really be a mystery.

      to be fair,
      do wolves really take anyone seriously that is half naked tho?

      1. That’s the question I ask myself but those are the ones who are ALWAYS in a relationship. The ones getting coin, trips, cars, etc. Shit, some of them are even getting married.

        1. ^well look at lira galore.
          she with ricky rozay and allegedly,
          her ass was in coach in that one story.
          plus im sure he cheats on her.

          every lifestyle has a positive and negative.
          half naked anything is more susceptible to pre judgments.

      2. No, I prefer the laid back Foxes and Vixens. I will not take you seriously if you clothes are off in every pic. I’m good.

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