Inside A Dead End

What do these 2 ballers have in common?

(Ty Lawson: Denver Nuggets)

(Vernon Davis: San Francisco 49ers)


Well they are both fucking this:

Well a little birde told me she was smashin’ one… beard for the other.
Keep that between us.

How many ballers have been inside that twat?

HBO Special in the works: If Her Walls Could Talk.

I am not hating on the chick because her basic ass gets the baller dick.
I just think she is OD annoying
and needs to be muzzled
a majority of the time.

Other than that: Kudos!

Share the secret with us Natalie!?
Do you lick the head first, then the shaft?
Or do you go for the full plunge?
Does your chin work as a resting device for the nuts?

… or is your pussy a portal to eternal salvation with every stroke?

School ┬ámy Foxes on how you are pulling all this baller penis….

… cause your bills HAVE to paid one way or the other.


5 thoughts on “Inside A Dead End

  1. FYI…this is nothing but a PR stunt to detract from DL rumors swirling about them here in Miami. Natalie is not much more than a “beard” and she could care less.

    Vernon is bisexual, and word is that he’s a bottom. Ask people who saw him around during the Superbowl in Miami. He couldn’t even play it off.

    Love your blog Jamari, keep it up!

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