i went snooping around his alligator pit and got bit in my whole ass!

you ever met a dude that you were SURE wanted you,
but his social media said otherwise?
those mystery males who leave you wondering where their sexuality lies.
you thought he was flirting with you in real life,

but his timeline reveals he has been in relationships with vixens before?

Do you ever feel stupid af?

i woke up today with the sudden urge to hit the alligator pit.
my spirit wanted answers about something.
we might need to make a new phrase in the foxhole…

Alligator pit (n) – a place that you know will hurt you feelings and bite you in the ass.
It is often a place where we can learn the truth or get clarity on a situation/a dude/someone.

we have all found ourselves in an alligator pit at one time or another.
it has helped us find out someone hated us,
was cheating,
or might have even saved our ass.
this morning,
i found myself being inquisitive.
my spirit wanted me to go down one of my interests twitter timelines.
well i saw that he has been in relationships with vixens,
one of which was a few years ago.
they use to flirt and talk shit to each other on social media.
she was not shy that she wanted to be fucked on occasion.
that lowkey turned me on a little bit.

their communication was kinda childish,
but they were indeed claiming each other.
now i know that doesn’t mean anything in this life,

Why did it make me feel like an idiot?

all that lowkey flirting and his actions between us might have been a dub.
i started to question that maybe i was wrong.
maybe i misconstrued what was happening,
but i don’t feel like so.
now i’ll admit:

When I see a male flirting with vixens,
or has been in relationships with them,
I tend to rule him as “straight”.

i know.
many foxholers have been in relations with vixens or some even still bang some.
some of you have told me.
i’m always expecting to be wrong when it comes to males being interested in me.
that might be my doubt from past situations or not seeing my worth.
i love beating myself up,
don’t i?

snooping around the alligator pit is helpful because you can learn the truth.
it isn’t helpful if you can’t handle the truth OR what you want to be truth.
weird enough,
even though i got a nice bite in my ass (one i might have given myself)…

I still want more.

something is wrong with me.

lowkey: has any of the foxholers ever had an experience with a male,
it looked like he had girlfriends in the past (or present),
but he was really into you?
is that even a thing?

13 thoughts on “i went snooping around his alligator pit and got bit in my whole ass!

  1. Listen I have stories about this topic for DAYS! Days, I tell you. I got so tired of the mind games, I now tell God if someone wants my attention romantically they have to hit me over the head for it. No more guessing games. None of that covert shit. I want it out in the open. Pull me to the side and let me know what’s up if you’re really real. That’s the energy that I only receive. Everything else doesn’t faze me…..

  2. I usually don’t comment on here but this hits home. People play a lot of mind games out there it happen to me last year took me months to heal from that trauma, Just don’t get ahead of yourself next time and let things play out organically if its for you it’s for you if not it’s not and that’s okay. Don’t force it

    1. ^i appreciate you leaving a comment.
      i felt when you said people play mind games and you having to heal from trauma.
      i definitely feel you about that.

      i’m gonna sit back and let things play out.
      i’m gonna occupy my time with other things.
      if it’s meant to be,
      it will.
      if not,
      there is another grown ass make out here that wants to lock me down.
      no need in mentally battling with those who don’t even know what they want.

    1. ^ why when we see a male who has a strong presence with women,
      it makes you doubt everything that happened with
      you and he?

      it’s like trying to prove you aren’t crazy,
      but shit has happened around you that you didn’t do that makes you look crazy,
      but you are screaming to the top of your lungs you aren’t crazy as they are hauling you away to the mental lol

  3. Man, you are getting some SOLID advice here! Yup, we all know this type and have been confused and publicly shamed by them while they continue to string you along. You are in love with them and like the baroness told Fraulein Maria, “there is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is in love with him.”

  4. Yeah, those types are annoying. They’re just curious about you and want to be wanted.

    Just flirt back and leave it at that. Expect nothing. Put no emotion or thinking into it. And don’t go too far.

  5. When u genuinely can’t get a good read, I personally classify the dude as bisexual.

    My rule regarding bisexual men: RUN. They will always break your heart.

  6. Okay so you just reminded me of a guy i was into heavily. i assumed he was straight based off his constant talking about women he fucked. Every time i tried to avoid him because i was into him TOO much. He would always try his best to be up in my face. i still remember i managed to avoid him all day then i forgot my lunch bag so i went to get it, turn around and his ass standing there. He just had to make sure i saw him.

    Here’s the confusing parts. He once referred to two of his high school teammates as FAGS because they showered together after one of their games. So i lurked on his fb & ig and saw a video of him rubbing on one of his friend’s chest. It went on for a while. it’s so wierd the shit str8 men do with each other that i would never think of doing because i wouldn’t want them to think i was gay.

    i still lurk on his pages but every pic he takes got damn filter on it now. It’s annoying. i partly feel that he was just an extroverted flirt. He could make anybody feel comfortable.

    low key typing this out made me realize how bad i was feeling this dude and still kinda am even though we haven’t worked together in years.

    1. ^”an extroverted flirt”

      the worst.
      i’m gonna make sure to avoid that types going forward.
      they always reel you in and leave you wondering if everything that happened was a figment if your imagination.

    2. Sounds like he knew you were into him and maybe wanted you to make the first move like you wanted him to make the first move.

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